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23 June 2017

Who's Responsible?

If you want to find out who is responsible, watch this video.

22 June 2017

Some Things That I Really Hate

Some things that I really hate: religious extremism, big money in our elections, no legal holiday status for election day, a media that caters to the lowest common denominator, and idiots who deny climate change. For details, view this exciting Doo Rag Wisdom broadcast.

21 June 2017

Do Not Despair about Georgia

Don't let the GOPutin liars spin yesterday's special elections to make you believe that they are firmly in place. Nothing can be further from the truth. Never before, or at least in a long time, have GOP candidates running in staunchly right wing areas had so much problems with their Democratic opponents. Neither of the special elections were landslides against Democrats. In fact, GOPutin candidates had to spend extra money to win. What does this bode for the rest of the country? If the Democrats can make a strong statement in a GOP cave, just imagine what they can do with the rest of our country in the midterms of 2018. All they have to do is throw out the right wing corporatists among them and embrace the true liberal tradition that has kept our country vibrant and alive. Do not despair because from here on, the GOP are fighting for their pathetic lives.

16 June 2017

The Fish Stinks From The Head!

The fish leads by example, but this fish stinks from the head. Trump stinks!!! F--- Trump!!