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20 October 2017




Have you no
sense of decency, sir?

N. Welch

I saw, on TV, this young boy
crying. He and his family among thousands of others are streaming into the US
mainland now because, after one month into the aftermath of Hurricane Maria,
80% of Puerto Rico is still without electricity and still without fresh
drinking water. This young boy, traumatized, must now face life on the
mainland. Meanwhile, the tumor on the anus of our society, a monster named
Trump, enjoyed golfing, enjoyed cajoling protesting NFL players, relished
insulting another gold star family, enjoyed tweeting insults to anyone deemed
beneath him and hence an enemy. This creature, this thing from beyond the
grave, does not know how to console, to encourage. This creepidential tumor in
our lives, Trump, has no human feelings, except for himself.

Trump did not win the popular vote
of a country where only 50% of registered voters voted. Trump is a racist
birther traitorous slime/ Putin puppet. Trump is NOT MY PRESIDENT!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, I endured 8
years of the racist persecution of President Barack Obama by the vile GOP and
their scum-in-chief, Dotard Donald Trump Cheat-o. I will never forget the
out-house built in “honor” or President Obama during the Romney campaign at one
of his down-home rallies. It was emblazoned with the words: “Obama Presidential
Library” and underneath that were the words: “For a good time, call Michelle.”
I am positive that none of the fanatic Trump lovers who micturated him into our
lives ever called Mr. Obama, president. I am sure that these creeps held the
highest disrespect that you can ever have for a sitting president, and now that
their racist creep TrumPutin is in office, they have the nerve, to demand that
we, who equally despise their creep, respect him and call him president? As
they say in my city New York, and especially in Brooklyn: Get the F--- Outta
Here! It is time for the turds who dished the Trump creep out to us to take it
in return.

The TrumPutinCheat-o creep, the
dotard, the traitor, the birther bastard, the racist, the homophobe, the
anti-Semite, the earth destroyer, the health care denier, the sex assaulter,
the mobster, the Putin ass kisser, the creep, the totalitarian fascist, HE IS
NOT NOR WILL HE EVER BE MY PRESIDENT!! Disrespect to this turd Trump is a
patriotic act!

19 October 2017

Most Rich People Do Not Care For the Rest of Us

18 October 2017

Preliminary Plan for Non-Violent Civil Disobedience


What the hell happened!?

______________________________Jake Holeman, Sand Pebble


We MUST begin a campaign of non-violent civil disobedience, the likes of which have never been seen in our besieged USA. They must be planned, targeted, and consistent. They must be as extreme as the extremist threat we are now facing. So far, the response to Creepident CheetoTrump has been inspiring, especially the actions of the Resistance, including Indivisible, the actions of the Anti-fascists, and, especially, the non-violent civil disobedience of the ADAPT group. We must, of course, continue our fight in the ways that we are used to, letter writing, picketing local representatives, and even running for local office. We must also consider a massive push to take over the Democratic Party to make it represent liberals in the same way that the GOP is representing conservatives. But in the wake of more assaults on our democratic republic, on our planet, and on our human dignity by the TrumPutinCheeto, we must consider that, with 270 nightmarish days into the Russian takeover of our federal government, the time has come for the next stage of resistance to this threat.

The first thing is acceptance. I accept the fact that my country is at war with the Russians, that they have installed their puppet into our federal government. I accept the fact that Puppet TrumPutinCheeto, additionally, is a white supremacist who supports white supremacist domestic terror. I accept the fact that Trump and his enabling GOP (who have failed to check the power of the creep) want nothing less than the destruction of our federal government to be replaced with a religious extremist corporate oligarchy. I accept the fact that every single word that comes out of this sewer white house is a lie. I accept the fact that TrumPutin Cheeto is dangerously mentally ill and should, at least, be Article 25’d. I accept the fact that TrumPutinCheeto will get us into a nuclear war and destroy our entire planet.

The second thing is that we pay attention to what the occupiers are doing, not to what they are saying, especially when they are trying to distract us. TrumPutinCheeto never revealed his taxes. TrumPutinCheeto never put his businesses into a true blind trust. TrumPutinCheeto is going to allow road building in the Alaska Wildlife Refuge. TrumPutinCheeto is going to destroy our national parks. TrumPutinCheeto never condemned the white supremacist attack in Charlottesville, Va., climaxing in the death of Heather Hyer. Four soldiers have been murdered in Niger. The Cheeto-in-chief has yet to acknowledge our nation’s loss. TrumPutinCheeto is sabotaging the Affordable Care Act. The Cheeto-in-chief, his cabinet, and his family are running up hundreds and thousands of dollars in bills at the tax payer’s expense. TrumPutinCheeto has decimated the state department in preparation for the wars he is dying for. TrumPutinCheeto is a narcissistic psycho-sociopath, unstable and ready to literally push the red button. When I wake up each day, I wonder what new horrific assault is being perpetrated on our country, and always my dread is answered with news report reality.

The third thing we must do is prepare for the consequences of our actions. Gandhi and Dr. King pledged to fight oppression, injustice, and racism non-violently no matter what. Before I list what we could do, we must understand that we could be brutalized by both counter-protesters and by the police. Yet we cannot respond with violence in return. This means that many could be hurt and someone even killed. I never want to play with peoples’ lives nor encourage them to do something that I would not do myself. The least we could do whenever we engage in massive civil disobedience in these fascist times is to wear protective gear. I suggest that all of us buy the same football helmets and emblazon them with our logo. This way we may get some head protection. Participants in these protests should also be prepared to pay for bail and/ or court fees. I was arrested with a group for disorderly conduct. We were rounded up by the cops and placed in paddy wagons. We were not locked up but instantly ushered into a court where we were issued fines. Full disclosure: this was in New York during the 1970’s. Disorderly conduct arrests are probably done differently today. I would gladly pay into a fund to help anyone who is arrested doing civil disobedience. I am sure, we are going to need a lot of that green stuff to help bail out our compatriots. Also, protests must be organized and disciplined. Before civil disobedience actions, planning and logistics are vital. For example, the 500 people who show up at TrumPutinCheeto Tower to sit down and to block traffic, are not going to wear those football helmets on their way to the event, for example. And how do you deal with fellow protesters? Maybe I show up for civil disobedience and start giving the cops the finger? What if I appear to be unhinged? What if I use the kind of language outside the intention of the event? There must be leadership and organization. There must be a person who comes up to me and tells me to behave or to leave.

Now here are some ideas for non-violent civil disobedience: 500 people a day show up to sit down in front of TrumPutinCheeto tower a day. 500 people a day show up to sit down in front of Jared Kushner’s building in Manhattan or wherever his nasty business is contaminating the public. Let’s find out where all the members of Trump’s malignant cabinet live and, every day, 500 people show up and sit down in front of their homes so that people must be literally picked up or dragged away by the police. What would happen if 500 people showed up every day to block the entrance of Mar a Largo? Can you imagine the kind of publicity massive actions such as these would get? Maybe we can even make a reality TV show out of it, or at least an educational documentary. Let’s get 200 people a day to disrupt the halls of congress. When they want to desecrate Indian lands to build their excrement stained pipeline, we should have 1000 people or more a day sitting down in front of the desecration equipment. When the fascist religious extremist oligarch scum come to put a road through the Alaska Wildlife Refuge, 500 or more people a day should show up to block their progress. If Trump’s face appears on TVs in bars or in restaurants where we are trying to enjoy a good meal or a good drink, we should make our feelings known: please get the tax evader Nazi’s face off the TV or simply please shut it off. I was on jury duty on Staten Island and was offended that there was no place for jurors to get away from the sound of the TVs, especially when they were showing a Trump speech. I calmly asked the clerk to please change the channel to something more innocuous. Thankfully, he grudgingly complied with my request because, after all, I was bound by law to be there, and they were obligated in some way to make it as easy for me as possible. Had I not spoken up, I would have had to suffer with that creep for as long as I had to be there.

If we don’t recognize evil when we see it, if we don’t stand up to injustice when we see it, the bullies who practice it will wield their blood-stained swords with impunity. Now is the time for Non-violent civil disobedience.

16 October 2017

Now is the Time for Non-Violent Protests and Civil Disobedience

Now is the
Time for Non-Violent Protests and Civil Disobedience


Now is the
time for you and your family to prepare for a nuclear attack….


A house
divided against itself cannot stand…


I refuse to delude myself, to
normalize the malignant creep that the Russians helped flush into our lives. Trump’s
other help came from that portion of our electorate dedicated to nationalism,
extremism, racism, chaos, and annihilation. And we should not forget about the
50% of registered voters who did not even attend the polls on this, our most
important election since the civil war. So here we are around 260 or more days
into the worst presidency our nation has ever seen and 260 or more days into
the Trump/ Russian/ GOP plan to obliterate our federal government and destroy
our democratic republic. Again, I refuse to delude and normalize. I am old and
on my way out, but I owe it to the children to fight and to rid ourselves of an
enemy that could and will end the USA forever (if he hasn’t already started a
nuclear war).

Now is the Time for Non-Violent
Protests and Civil Disobedience because if you are paying attention as much as
I am, you know that Trump and the GOP are working tirelessly to destroy the
Obama legacy and our democracy along with it. The first thing we must do before
we create “a disorderly conduct account” is to not be afraid to finally say it:
we have a white supremacist psycho/ sociopath occupying the highest office in
our land who was put there by the Russians to sow discord, violence, chaos, and
who supports in ALL ways, alt-right extremist domestic terrorism. We were
asleep when this creep came into office, but now we must wake up. And the
second thing we must do is pay attention and document every assault the traitor
Trump and his GOP is doing on us, on our country, and on the planet.

When I wake up in the morning, I
think that today I will not have to wear a protest tee shirt, nevertheless,
when I read my newspapers and watch a morning newscast, I am filled with
outrage!! I grit what is left of my teeth, clench my fists, and when I walk out
the door into the public, I have already, once again, put on a protest shirt. I
can’t help it because I truly believe in the war that our country is in right
now… (with the Russians… with religious extremists… and with white supremacist
domestic terrorists). My measly protest tee-shirt is nothing against the
onslaught of the fascists and their Koch brother supporters. Now is the Time
for Non-Violent Protests and Civil Disobedience. We must take lessons in civil
disobedience and non-violent protest from the heroic group ADAPT which staged
massive protests inside the walls of congress against their continuing plan to
gut health care.

And here is some of what I read
that outrages me, that sets the acid in my stomach on overdrive until it
reaches as high as the back of my tongue. Creepident Trump just signed an
executive order to help gut the ACA. Creepident Trump and his associates are
robbing us blind between abusive use of secret service, outrageous travel
costs, and beyond, the tax payer is being billed in the hundred thousand(s) of
dollars (and that is being conservative LOL). The Creepident wants to mess with
our taxes while never revealing his. The Creepident is giving over our country
and our planet to filthy oil and coal. The Creepident Trump just nominated
still another climate denier to the besieged EPA. The Creepident Trump wants to
decimate our government. The Creepident Trump wants to bring back the days of
Jim Crow. The Creepident wants to destroy women’s rights. The Creepident Trump
has decimated our state department in preparation for the wars that he wants to
wage, including nuclear. The Creepident wants to deny LGTBQ their American
rights. The Creepident Trump has murdered Puerto Ricans with his criminal
neglect. The Creepident Trump behaves this way because he is a racist fiend. The
Creepident Trump placed a religious extremist on the Supreme Court. The
Creepident and his cabinet is exterminating our public pristine lands. The
Creepident and his cabinet are going expose the public to toxic waste and
poison as the GOP did with the residents of Flint, Michigan. The Creepident birther
bastard wants to undermine our free speech and our free press. Please fact
check me whenever you want, and when you see, as I do, the threat this creep
Trump poses, you will agree with me that Now is the Time for Non-Violent
Protests and Civil Disobedience.

Study the methods of Gandhi and Dr.
Martin Luther King. Realize that we are facing an ultra-violent enemy that is
backed by the executive branch. Know too that any non-violent protest we may
stage may also be met with violence and even police brutality. We must prepare
ourselves to meet this threat with enough non-violent protest to effect
positive change. Non-violent civil disobedience must also be practiced which goes
hand in hand with the protests. And all resistance action must be targeted and done
all the time without notice. What would happen if 200 people a day showed up at
Trump Tower in New York and/ or at Trump businesses all over this country and
blocked the entrances thereof? Imagine two hundred people a day sitting down on
the streets of our country in protest so that the police must come and
physically lift people into paddy wagons, hundreds at a time. Imagine 200
people showing up in congress along with the ADAPT group wheel chairs and all.
Obviously, such actions take planning, training, and dedication. People are
going to need money to pay for court fees or the like if they are arrested for
disorderly conduct.

No matter what, no shot should be
fired and no person violently attacked. Our side is the good side. Our side
wants to see the survival of a strong and humane America. The other wants to
blow it up. And they want to discredit all of us. I am willing to join in a
sit-in, some civil disobedience, or in anything that disrupts and undermines
the nefarious plans of the traitors now holding our government. Before the
TrumPutin fiend attempts to build his wall to lock us in, we must be there to
stand in his face, in fury, and in angry American Protest to protect our unique
government, our people, and our way of life.

This discussion will be continued
later because if we don’t actively and vociferously demand the removal of the
Trump fiend, he will kill us all, and I am not f--- kidding. Let’s get out in
the streets and peacefully yet powerfully demand our American rights!!!

09 October 2017

I am with the Protesting Athletes!!!

I Am with
the Protesting Athletes!


…Give me
liberty or give me death…


No more flag saluting… No more
displaying of my flag… No more saying the pledge … No more singing or standing
during the national anthem until the Dotard, the Racist, the Birther, the Liar,
the Traitor, the Tax Evader, Creepident Don Adolph TrumPutin is flushed out of
our lives.

This is a great country that also
has a dark side that must be exposed and expunged. White European civilization
invaded the new world as sure as Martians invaded earth in “The War of the
Worlds”. Europeans brought their modern weapons and unknown diseases to this
new world, followed by their cursed pernicious genocidal religions which
fundamentally wiped out the original cultures of the unexplored lands. Present
day American Indian Leonard Peltier is rotting away in prison for a crime that
he did not commit, and he would have been a free man today if it wasn’t for the
tradition of racism, disenfranchisement, persecution, and genocide brought to
the Americas by the white invaders.

Not satisfied with massacring the
native peoples of the lands that these fiends invaded, they occupied it,
claimed it as their own, and brought in black people to slave until death to
support their money driven culture with fecal stains of religious persecution.
Whether Nazi Trump and his KKK coterie want to believe it or not, Muslims have
been in this country since before its beginning, brought here by white slavers
who forcibly converted many of their captives to their own religion. They even
had the nerve to turn Jesus into a white European when he was, in fact, a dark
skinned middle eastern Jew. This country reached a great height when it elected
our first black president, but flushed itself down a fecal stained toilet when
they put the racist fiend Trump into office.

This “whites only” country has been
persecuting people of color and immigrants for centuries, and the fight in this
nation has mostly been a racial one. If you read our second amendment, it has
nothing to do with every single psycho in this nation having the right to own a
gun. It deals with the formation of state militias. I believe that if someone
wishes to own a gun, they should be forced to join a militia and endure basic
training that any military person must endure or else shut the f--- up!! The
reason the second amendment is interpreted in such a way is because the white
majority in this country wanted to protect themselves from freed black people
whom they believed wanted revenge. These slaver bastards raped and sold the children
of the people they oppressed. I’d want to take revenge too.

The white Europeans made the law in
this country, and now that all the
peoples of this country want their rights, including the people of color, the
white racists are balking and have answered this challenge with the election of
a white supremacist as president. Ignorance has murdered billions and has
enslaved millions, and this cancer still exists today in our country where we
are all under threat by the fascists and the racists.

The GOP has been working for years
to reach this point, and we must stand in their way or see the end of our
nation. My father came back damaged from WW2 mortal combat. He died at the age
of 46. This was a tragedy, but I am glad that he did not live to see the day
that a Nazi was made president of our country.

I proudly flew my flag for the
eight years that Obama was president. I stood for the pledge and for our
national anthem, but now we have racist traitors in charge who have used our
laws to gain power. Just think of gerrymandering, citizens united, and voter
suppression, 3 tools of GOP TrumPutin racist and religious extremist
totalitarianism. And if these racist turds are in power, turds who are bound
and determined to bring back lynching, murder, and slavery, I will not fly my
flag or stand for the anthem.

My flag and my anthem are important
to me and must be shielded also from the fiends that stand totally against it.
I am with the protesting athletes all the way to the end!

06 October 2017

Memos From The Asylum

Memos from
the Asylum


Doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting the same results…

Einstein (paraphrase)


I’ve pledged to document my final
years living on this human insane asylum called earth, an ironic place where
there exists from space, a gorgeous green and blue and brown ambiance, but on
its surface, there is mostly murdering, eating, and absorbing. I don’t believe
that the human species will last because it does the same thing repeatedly and
expects the same results. Ours is an insane species, dwelling amid a paradise
that we besmirch every chance that we get. We are bound and determined to
commit suicide and, sadly, at the expense of every living thing on this planet.

I’ve said this again and again that
the world did not change after the events of 11
th September 2001. I
recall growing up in the 50’s and 60’s with nothing but anxiety. We have never
gotten along, and we always have conflicts that either fester in cold wars over
the years or grow hot when the rich need more money for their lavish life
styles. I can’t remember a time when our species was completely at peace with
each other and not abusing one another, and at this stage of our evolution, peace,
harmony, and wisdom may be improbable. If there is one thing we are good at, it
is making each other as miserable as possible.

I take my existence seriously
because if I am not careful, I could die at some other human being’s hands. But
in another way, I can’t take anything seriously because this planet is nothing
more than an insane asylum run by the inmates themselves to the detriment of
all. Let me use some details here so you can understand where I am coming from.
Please remember that USA citizens seem bound and determined to let a thief, a
liar, a tax evader to mess with our taxes, that TrumPutist Don Dotard the
creepident of our country, and these are the same supporters that are chiefly
concerned for their money over life. If that is not insane check below the
first 16 reasons why I believe I am living in an asylum.

1. Human beings build cities that
block out sunlight and congest breathing as we know it.

2.Human beings do not respect the
rights and communities of other communities.

3. We have made our world into a
shopping mall, strip or otherwise, that is the same as any place that we travel
to. Where are those far away Walmart-less places, those places free of big box
stores and multiplex characterless movie theaters and chain stores? They are
fading into nothingness along with stamp collections and printed newspapers and
magazines. Crazy people can’t take surprises, so everything must remain the
same for everyone and for every place we visit.

4. We must gentrify classic old
communities to death, expel the real people, and replace them with dummies.

5. Every time people are murdered
by gun toting crazies in our gun loving country, our politicians always have “hearts
that go out to the victims” when most of them have no hearts; otherwise, the
events of Las Vegas would never have happened since the politicians and Trump
want more guns, not less. They don’t even care if crazy people own them. And
they even want to make mass murder easier by allowing people to put silencers
on their weapons. If the first responders during the Las Vegas massacre could
not hear where the gun fire was coming from, even more people would have been
dead. People are insane because they allow people with no hearts to run the
rest of us into untimely and violent death.

6. Remember how the mayor of Amity
insisted that there was no shark in the water the same way that the Trump nosed
creep is insisting that there is no climate change? Insane people insist that
the reality of their eyes is not reality, and that climate change is just as
fake as the 3 major hurricanes we just had.

7. I remember when I came to New
York in the early 70’s. I learned of the street screamers who would babel
loudly in public with demented fury. Now, 40 something years later, more
people, not less, are babbling loudly in public, into their cell phones, and
those who are not, have their noses stuck in their androids without even
realizing that another, even more nutty person, is coming up to urinate in
their faces. Insane people seldom pay attention because they are busily
inhabiting their own special world.

8. We can speak to empty air loudly
and with emotion in public if we do it in a church, a synagogue, or a mosque,
but we are shunned if we talk loudly to ourselves to no one or nothing outside
of these venues.

9. We live in a hypocritically
puritanical society that uses sex to sell its products.

10.We condemn violence yet allow
innocent football athletes, for example, to have their brains damaged just
because we really all wish we were back in a Roman gladiator arena.

11.Our hospitals are impersonal
death houses.

12.Our educational institutions are
nothing but factories.

13.And many these days have
children but do not raise them.

14. We are creating a world filled
with our trash worse than anything shown in the animated feature “Wall-E”.

15. Humans value their filthy money
more than they value human beings or animals or the planet.

16. The USA has, after all, placed
a madman at its helm and quite appropriate for this asylum earth until nuclear
horror blots it out forever.

04 October 2017