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20 September 2017

Where is Our Progressive Voice in This Fascist Darkness?

Where is Our
Collective Progressive Voice in This Fascist Darkness?


“A great
democracy has got to be progressive or it will soon cease to be great or a

Theodore Roosevelt, New Nationalism Speech

We have only two political parties
in our democratic republic, and only one of them stands for something and
consistently supports its platform, and the other has spread itself so thin to
be inclusive that it has locked out its most important base. One party brings
every weapon at its disposal for the political fight ahead, and the other
proverbially, only brings a knife to the gunfight. The result is that the party
that consistently stands for something, holds most of the power now, and if we
did not have a separation of power, that party who now holds most of the power,
would have already overthrown our government and made it their own. I am
writing about our present two-party system of course, and neither Republican or
Democrat have always been innocent. Believe it or not, it was the GOP that
supported the abolition of slavery and the Democrats did not! It is funny how
both parties have switched and the GOP in our era stands for an entire
bucketful of deplorable ideology including religious extremism, misogyny,
homophobia, and racism. And when you think that the other party, the Democrats,
would be the absolute opposite, think again. Only a minority of our present
Democratic party supports true progressive ideals. And it is only that progressive
minority that has the guts to stand up and say it like it is to the now fascist
GOP. Sadly, the majority of the Democratic Party has been asleep while the GOP
has been busy advancing its horrific agenda. Where is our progressive
collective voice in all this fascist darkness?

Certainly, it has been absent while
the GOP was busy with the nefarious Koch brothers and supporting Citizens
United which allowed the Count Dracula of right wing business interests into
our sacred house of democratic values. Big money should never be allowed to buy
candidates as well as our elections, but this is precisely what Citizens United
did. So now that big money can determine the outcome of our elections, the GOP,
the party of action, was busy at work in their quest to continue eroding our
democratic republic through using gerrymandering and voter suppression. It is
at this point that even if we get rid of tax evading/ birther Don TrumPutin, we
still have a long line up of GOP right wing turds ready to replace him, some of
whom are even more dangerous than he is, if you can believe that. And this GOP
depends on the stupidity of the average voter to keep them in the driver’s seat
on our way to totalitarian nightmare.

We have no progressive voice to
counter the Orwellian propaganda of the GOP because the progressive voice of
the Democratic party is stifled by its traitorous corporatists. In the
meantime, the GOP has many bamboozled, and is once again attempting to destroy
the Affordable Care Act in the most cowardly way that they can. If the
Democrats had any power at all, they could stop this, but in the end, it is up
to us to once again get into the faces of these fascist traitors who not only
have the heartless nerve to want to throw millions off… their health care, but
also have the gall to still call their bill “health care”.

Our nation is attempting to evolve
into a pure democracy but will fail if we don’t root out the totalitarian
poison eating us at our core! We must continue active protest in the absence of
a progressive voice in Washington. We must confront every GOP traitor and
enabler of the tax evader Trump agenda. We must block every part of their
vicious agenda against us. We must demand health care for all. We must demand
the impeachment of the racist fiend Trump. We must demand an end to Citizens
United, gerrymandering, and voter suppression. We must give rise to that
progressive voice, the voice of reason, harmony, and humanity or else see our

18 September 2017

Call It What It Is: White Supremacist Domestic Terrorism


14 September 2017

News From the Asylum Y2k17.09.14

We have one
life to live and no other, and here is a sample of what we put each other
through courtesy of the NY Daily News.

12 September 2017

Take A Baby Boomer to Lunch Today Because, after all, We Gave You Trump

And now you get reality TV 24 hours a day all the way up to our government so that they can destroy it. Who are the THEY? If you don't know by now, how could I even help you?

11 September 2017

Sixteen Years After 911, We Have Learned Nothing!

In the Y2k0 decade, we were
attacked. In the Y2k0 decade, our country was almost destroyed by GOP policy,
and in the latter years of the Y2kTeens, we are still suffering from GOP
policies of the previous decade. Obama brought us away from the brink only to
have us, 16 years after 9/11, under the administration of a racist psychopath traitor
named Trump whose claim to fame was forcing Barack Obama to show his birth
certificate. If I was the first black person as US President, I would have told
the birther tax evader creep Trump to go and F--- himself. The fact that we
have brought GOP back to rule us after what they did to us, bodes ill for the
next 16 years of our country and for the world at large. With the election of
Tax Evader TrumPutin Birther Bastard as Creepident of the USA, we have proven that
we want to devolve back to hairy apes rather than evolve passed the still
dangerous naked apes that our human species is now. Apparently, Sixteen Years
After 911, We Have Learned Nothing

10 September 2017

When is Our Erin Brockovitch Moment?

Science and No regulation for polluters!! Impeach the Tax Evading Birther
Bastard TrumPutin!!!!

he poisons us all!!!

05 September 2017

Murdering the Dreamers and Promoting the Nightmares

know who should be deported, and it certainly isn’t the dreamers. Tax Evader
Don and his caboodle of fascists should be deported now more than ever