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16 November 2017

STOP Neglecting THIS, Our Shared Reality!

Neglecting THIS, Our Shared Reality!

15 November 2017

You Get Sick of the Bullshit After A While.

Get Sick of the Bullshit After A While.

13 November 2017

Trump misogynist traitor: Never My President Part 3

PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!! Part 3


Trump on
saying he could grab their P----:
It was just locker room talk…

Trump on
his being famous:
let you do anything when you’re famous. You can grab their Pus-ies…

Trump on
his experience running beauty pageants
: I used to be able to get into the dressing rooms because
(ha! Ha!) I was running the beauty pageant and was just checking to see if
everything was ok…

On Mika: She just had plastic surgery, and
there was still blood…

About a
ten-year old girl that he just saw going up an escalator
: I’ll be going out with her in about
ten years…

I grew up in an era (1950’s to
60’s) when women were treated like servants and like objects for lust. (Have no
fear, guys, I am more than enough lustful for at least a minyun of you). Sexual
harassment was rampant throughout this era along-side the glass ceiling at
which every talented and creative woman smashed her head. Don’t get me wrong. I
am not an expert on women. I rely on what I’ve seen my entire life, especially
with how my war damaged father treated my psychotic mother. I vividly remember
that my mother always wanted to better herself. She, along with 2 older
siblings were abandoned by their parents and sent to live for the entire of
their youths in an orphanage. By the time my mother met my father, she was
already damaged beyond her years, and marrying him would turn out to be the
final tragedy of her life.

My father was a controlling bully
with a brainwashed sense of what our sick society demanded of him. The war had
drained and destroyed him. For as long as I knew this guy, he was simply a
zombie waiting to die. My mother, at a certain point, wanted to help and pay
into running our working poor “household”. She decided to go and work as a
dental assistant. In the end, what may have been a new beginning for her,
turned into a psychotic nightmare. My father did not respect that my mother
wanted to work, and he lent her absolutely no support. He expected, instead,
for her to be at home doing the washing, housecleaning, and feeding that her
role as a woman was expected in our society. And when she didn’t, he rejected
her and her desire for self-improvement.

My father was always a trigger for
my mother’s psychosis. His lack of support and outright psychological cruelty
against her led once again to another in a series of psychotic episodes. It
goes without saying that my mother lost her job and lost a chance at some
career. She spent the rest of her life doing exactly what was expected of her,
and with each day, more and more of her disappeared. My father died at the ripe
old age of 46. My mother was damaged for the rest of her life and basically
tortured to death at 66!

Women have always gotten the worst
of everything in most if not all male dominated societies throughout our
planet. Dotard Donald TrumPutin Cheat-O Birther Bastard is many things, but one
of them is the apotheosis of human male abuse of the human female and the rape
of our mother earth with it. This insanity must stop once and for all if we are
going to survive as a species.

I am happy that women all over the
world are coming out against their male abusers. So, what happened to that line
of women who accused the traitor Trump? Were they threatened? Were they bought
off? Or, more horribly, did they lie? I am 100% certain that Dotard Donald
sexually assaulted women. I am also certain that he may also be a hebephile.
This is a person who acts out his sexual fantasies against post-adolescents. I
also understand the fear women have coming out against their assaulters. In a
male dominated patriarchal society, their words were seldom taken seriously,
and their needs mostly ignored. Yet here they are, showing all the courage,
they can muster coming out and pointing their fingers at their male oppressors.
If only they didn’t stop at celebrities and movie moguls and continued their
onslaught against male abuse all the way up to top of the cesspool, to Donald
P-ss- grabber Trump himself.

Hypocrite and disgracer of all the
stars on his uniform, John Kelly, lamented about the death of respect to women
in our society, and yet he spent his speech that day lying about and blasting a
black congress woman as an empty barrow and kowtows to an obvious sexual

I personally refuse to call a sex
abuser, a hebephile, a misogynist, "president" of my country, who is only fit for
toilet duty in the public locker room of his choice!

10 November 2017

Dodge is Still Under Siege

is still under siege. Get Birther, Dotard, Racist Don Birther TrumPutin Out of
Our Brief and Fragile Lives!!! AND OUT OF DODGE!!!

03 November 2017


Trump is NOT
My President, Part 2


Who controls
the past controls the present and who controls the future controls the present
and the past….


Yes, Trump supporters get offended
when I tell them that Trump is NOT my president. I understand where they are
coming from. Am I trying to overturn my constitution in favor of anarchy? Do I
plan illegal traitorous uprisings against my government? How dare I disrespect
the “president”!!!?? Sorry, Trump supporters, I assure you that I will never
try to overthrow my government unless it is given over in total to Putin, but I
can never call the creep that you support, my president. Below is a list of
some of the reasons why. In the end, you must put up with me while I had to put
up with you. I know for a fact that most, if not all Trumpists and Teabaggers,
despised President Obama and wanted to see him fail. Do you remember what that
cracker, Bitch McDumbell, said, that he was going to make Obama a one term
president? And this racist never tried and never wanted to work with our first
black president. In fact, the tea baggers and Trumpists did all that they could
to undermine the Obama agenda to the detriment of our country. They even built
outhouses in his honor, especially at Romney campaign events. I don’t believe
for a moment that these people EVER called Obama, president. They hated Obama’s
blackness so much that they even denied his birth in the USA and even tried to
say that he was a Muslim and not a Christian, which should not make a bit of
difference in a free country, but apparently, the Jews have not broken the
presidential wall yet, and if it is up to the moronic forces in our society,
there will never again be a president of color let alone, a president of color
who is also Jewish, a woman, and a lesbian to boot. So please, Trumpists,
religious extremists, and Tea Baggers, don’t try to tell me who to call
president. I plan to treat Trump worse than how the GOP treated President
Obama. After all, it is those people who have given me the right to NOT call
that traitorous slime Trump, president of anything, including of a trash can.

Right now, I will continue speaking
directly to the Trumpists:

I was viciously bullied growing up and suffer
some PTSD because of this. Every time the creepident opens his mouth, I have
flashbacks back to the day I faced morons like him in the classroom and
afterschool on the playground. I will never call a goddess damned bully,
president of our country!

I understand the history of black people in this
country and in the new world in general. I understand the history of Mexican
Indians and their mixed-race generations. I will never forget seeing black
people physically assaulted at Trump campaign rallies. I will never forget what
this creep said about Mexicans. And I hope Trump gets tried and executed for his
capital offenses against Puerto Ricans in the wake of Hurricane Maria, for the
murder of Heather Hyer in Charlottesville, and for his disrespect of La David
Johnson and his family simply because they are black and because Trump’s
incompetent and racist leadership led to this hero’s death at the hands of
Islamic extremist terrorists in the first place. Trump is a white supremacist
who supports enslavement or death for the people of color on our planet. I will
never call a goddess damned racist, president of our country!!!

Trump is the founder of the fake news birther
movement. Only the first two years of President Obama’s presidency was without
drama, but then the voters decided to put all GOP into our lives to consume the
house and the senate and digest them into waste. And there was always that
fecal ball Trump in the background, a plague of biting flies on a hot day,
mouthing his fake news birther shit until I wanted to stick my fist down his
racist throat and pull out his rotting spine. One of Trump’s goals and Putin’s
in this occupation of our country is to undo everything President Obama did.
And for Trump, accomplishing this goal has another very racist and important
resonance for him. The mainstream media pundits may not be allowed to say it,
but I know that Trump loves undoing the legacy of our previous bonified
president simply because he hates that he is a black man. Again, I will never
call a goddess damned racist, president of our country.

12 million human beings, half of which, Jews
were exterminated by the Nazi death machine between the late 1930’s until the
end of the second world war in 1945. Following the day that the Nazi/ KKK
monster was flushed into our lives, I viewed a piece on MSNBC showing a group
of Alt-right scum, making Hitler salutes and screaming: “Hail TRUMP!” Months
later, in August, the TrumPutin birther racist would make a false comparison
between white supremacist extremist domestic terrorists and those people of
conscience and true patriots who protested them by stating that “there where
bad people on both sides”. I will NEVER call a goddess damned Nazi, president
of our country.

I firmly believe that Trump is a traitor who
colluded with the Russians to get himself elected puppet dictator of our
country. Putin has designs on the entire world, and Trump is helping him. I
will NEVER call a goddess damn traitor, president of our country!

Trump has always had contempt for our free
press. Remember how he penned in the press before he made his announcement of
candidacy? Remember how his press secretary mocks this vitally important right
of our constitution, stating that no one has the right to question a general?
And check out how that liar and hypocrite “General” Kelly tried to segregate
the press by only answering questions from those who knew a gold star family. I
will NEVER call a goddess damned totalitarian oligarch, president of our

Our unique and majestic planet is vital to me.
And I object to what this creep and his cabinet and his cancerous party is
trying to do to it. Before you know it, our planet will be polluted with us
drowning in the rising dead oceans, but before that, our death agonies will be
extended through our being poisoned by chemical companies and the like because
the Trump creep and his supporters got rid of regulations that protect us. I
will NEVER call a goddess damned planet polluter and people poisoner, president
of our country.

The creep fascist psychopath is playing nuclear
football with North Korea. I will NEVER call a Nuclear Nut, President of our

The last election was rigged by the
GOP through their use of gerrymandering, voter suppression, and Citizen’s United.
Our last election was tainted by Russian enemy interference. The Trump creep
has never put his businesses into a blind trust. The Trump creep is violating
the emoluments clause of our constitution. In fact, the Trump creep wants to
burn our constitution in its entirety. Only 50% of eligible voters participated
in Election 2016. And Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. I will NEVER call a
goddess damned traitor and a goddess damned psychopath, president of our