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22 February 2010

Tiger Woods Is Only An Athlete.

Last weekend, the New York Daily News covered Tiger Woods' apology for using his little willy in an unauthorized fashion. There was at least five full pages of this including both the front and back pages. You'd think that this news was so grave that it equalled the destruction of the World Trade Center in 2001 ten times over.
Let's get something very clear: Tiger Woods is NOT your priest, rabbi, minister, or imam. He is simply a professional athlete. Many of them are morally bankrupt anyway, so why be surprised? They are not being paid to be moral experts. They are being paid to entertain us.
Do you find the sport of golf as boring as I do? If not, Tiger Woods has given you hours and hours of entertainment. His sex life and other aspects thereof are none of any one's business. Do you think Woods would have been forced to apologize had he been white instead of black?
I think not.
It is a very sad state of affairs when the sexual behavior of an athlete takes top billing over the bloody wars we have going on now, that the media thinks us so stupid and empty that all we care about is who some professional athlete is having sex with.
Well, I don't care and never did.
I just want out of Afghanistan and Iraq.

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