26 May 2011

On Ed Schultz: We Need Liberals With Big Mouths For A Change

Mr. Ed Schultz, my new hero, the mad and loud liberal of the air waves

        MSNBC News commentator Ed Schultz was suspended for a week without pay for referring to  "colleague" Laura Ingraham from another network as a right wing slut during his radio broadcast.

        I feel Ed Schutz's rage.

       Ever since the Republican Taliban took the mid-term elections, they have considered it as a mandate to destroy our democratic republic as we know it and hand it over to the corporations.

The Republican Taliban want to destroy: worker's rights, social security, abortion rights, gay rights, the EPA, the USDA, Medicare, the VA, and any program that has the stench of humanity in it. They intend to take all this money and give it to those who need it the "most": Corporations, insurance companies, coal companies, oil companies, media companies, and the rich in general, including the Koch brothers. Because as we all know, they are so generous, they're going to create more jobs with all the extra welfare they will be getting from the federal government. Funny, I always thought that these people were against socialism.

The Republican Taliban want, instead, to recreate an America that existed in the 19th century, a young America, still testing the waters of a growing social conscience, but still under the iron clad rule of the "trusts." Ironically enough, it was a Republican President, Teddy Roosevelt, who became known as the Trust Buster. What the heck happened to those Republicans?

For weeks and weeks, thanks to the reporting of Ed Schultz, among others, I have been witness to a very disturbing trend. The rich have gotten richer. The middle class is being squeezed. The working class is still more oppressed and more angry than before. We could be seeing the beginning of a class war in this country which could ultimately lead to a second American civil war where this time we will decide if we are going to stay the USA or be changed to a CSA, Corporate States of America, not a democratic republic but a corporate oligarchy that George Orwell would appreciate.

I am quite afraid of what the right wing is now capable of thanks to the Citizens United decision which allows corporations to buy elections with the use of political ads. This country has always been under threat by evil elements. Take the McCarthy era for example. Now we're in the era of the fake Tea Bagger movement and the Koch brothers. If any freedom loving and responsible American believes that his or her freedoms are untouchable, look again! If we become complacent, we can lose it all. The America of Laura Ingraham is not my America.

For two years since Obama was elected, all I've been hearing in the media is the rage of the tea party. I knew what their agenda was. They yelled and disrupted town hall meetings. They were portrayed as a right wing force to be reckoned with. Even the use of the term "tea party" is Orwellian because the REAL tea partiers would have thrown these upstarts into Boston harbor because today's baggers would problably be supporting the king of Britain. But once you see what's behind this movement, you understand its ultimate objective: cripple workers, institute a one party system, bring back the Gilded Age, create a new lower serf class.

If the agenda of the Republican Taliban doesn't fire you up, doesn't make you want to spit fire and crap rockets, then you must be dead. That is why I am glad we have newscasters like Ed Schultz and also Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O'Donnell, and Chris Matthews. But more than that, I am glad that Mr. Schultz has a big mouth, a bigger mouth on his own, on his newscast, than all the tea baggers put together, and he takes a dim view of people or groups of people trying to undermine our country and our democratic republic. We on the liberal progressive side need to be angry, need to have big mouths to expose these people, their party, and what they stand for.

I consider myself a big mouth progressive liberal in most issues. Whatever he said about this person, while Mr. Schulz has graciously apologized, I would like to have heard what Ms Ingraham said that ticked him off. I am sure that it was something Mr. Schultz picked up on, something dark within the "hearts" of the the right: to shrink the federal government so small in order for the corporations to grow large and to take over. To paint our president as something alien because he is black. In many ways, the Ingrahams of the world are the vanguards of this new more dangerous right.

            At one time, these extremist righties were consigned to the back of the auditorium where their notions were dismissed as pure insanity. Now, many of these dangerous maniacs are in positions of power to undo decades of social progress this country has made. Back in the dim time of the 90's would any government official threaten anyone with a bat, as dictator in waiting, Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey did to a 76 year old woman? More and more we are shown the thugs these new Republican Taliban are, and more and more, I am thinking, will this country be over run by their kind, and will I a liberal progressive have to consider a second amendment option to protect my country during a future second American civil war?

To Mr. Ed Schultz: Keep fighting. Keep that voice up and loud in the rotten faces and closed ears of those heartless right wing scum and all they represent for a more horrible future of our country, if future there be.


Philosopher said...

I saw Ed Schultz at a guest appearance, doing his radio show in Asheville, NC.
He was great! And you should have heard his racy comments about Sarah Palin (and others of her ilk; Ingram, etc), during the commercial breaks.

HowardBeal said...

I believe he says it as it is, loud and in their faces just like they do to progressives, and they can't take it when it is done to them.