17 November 2011

Memos From The Asylum

Here I Express my feelings about Wall Street and what we are supposed to value.
     I have renamed my blog not to abandon the spirit of Howard Beale, but to further reinforce it. Beale, the fictional newscaster played by Peter Finch in the prophetic film "Network" has been used and abused and misunderstood by those on the right and by those on the left. Beale was never a demagogue. And he never told a lie. In fact he even begged viewers to shut their TVs off while he was on. Beale knew one basic truth: we have made an asylum out of our environment. We have allowed those in charge to be our keepers. We have accepted the notion of continuous warfare. We have embraced a media that has made a Snookie more important than the hungry and the homeless. We have continued to hate others because of their differences from us. We eat and die in fast food franchises and fast burial mortuaries. We accept the notion that we work hard only to be screwed in the end by those who are supposed to look after us. While children get sexually abused near the football field, we choose the sport over their innocence. This is the asylum we all share, and it is from my padded cell that I will continue to expose the evils, the hypocrisies, and the misery we have allowed to permeate our short and fragile lives. These are memos from the asylum.