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09 November 2012

Post Election 2012 Post Script

Always at war, always hating, Winston Smith on a bright cold day in April with Big Brother always at his neck.

Backward to War or Forward to Peace:

The Republican extremist traitors have seized on the tragic incident at Benghazi, Libya and are trying to make it an indictment of the entire Obama foreign policy.

Never mind that under his watch, Obama killed Somali pirates, executed Osama Bin Laden, and eliminated Kaddafi. Never mind that the world has more respect for us then it ever had. Romney and Ryan insist that THEY, not Obama, will have a superior foreign policy that will make all Americans feel safer. Never mind that Romney made a fool of himself in Europe and in the Middle East and that neither men have any foreign policy experience because they have been too busy planning to destroy the middle class and enslave it with the working class. In fact, if we allow the Romney and Ryan traitors to become the leaders of our country, we will be going backward to war instead of forward to peace.

If you listened very closely to Romney and Ryan at the debates, you would be chilled as I was at the rhetoric I heard coming out of their scuzzy mouths. Romney won’t withdraw us from Afghanistan. He will continue that war as long as he can and will add a war with Iran and with Syria to the mix with a dash of Russia. Ayn Ryan, during his debate with VP Joe Biden, made it very clear that Iran must be stopped because it is creating “nuclear weapons” or, in more familiar terms, “weapons of mass destruction.” While I take Iran’s threat seriously, I can’t escape the memories of the Bush years when we were told of weapons of mass destruction coming at us from Iraq that turned out to be nothing. What does a president say to the families of soldiers who were injured and killed in harm’s way, and it was all for a lie?

Where ever we have had soldiers and diplomats, there is always danger. No one can tell me that no diplomats and no military personnel were not injured or murdered during an administration controlled by Republicans. Yet when they criticize the Obama administration on its handling of the 9/11/2012 attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi, they are doing so with the cynical hope that most Americans are stupid and have short memories.

There is a reason why the troops and the wars were not mentioned at the GOP convention. Romney and Ryan don’t intend to get us out of war. They want to scare us into agreeing to expand war. They want to send more of our boys and girls to the battle fields so that they can continue to line their pockets with money dripping with blood. They tell you that they want to continue to fund the military industrial complex without also telling you how they will pay for it. They don’t want to tell you that most of the money they will spend won’t go to the GI in the field. Those billions will go instead to all the rich bureaucrats and corporations who make millions on wars. Remember Halliburton?

I don’t doubt that this corporation and others are waiting in the wings, smacking their bloody lips, imagining all the money they will get on the corpses of more American young if a Romney becomes president.

These GOP bastards also didn’t mention the troops at their convention because they hate and disrespect them, branding them as 47% of the country who want a handout. Thanks to my reading of “1984”, I have a good memory and don’t send history down the “memory hole”. I haven’t forgotten that during the Iraq debacle, soldiers complained of shoddy body armor and lemon crappy Hummers. I remember reading of deplorable conditions for injured Vets who had the unfortunate fate of being sent to Walter Reed Veterans Hospital for treatment. The late great Dr. Reed would turn over in his grave. When I say these GOP extremists are dangerous traitors, I don’t use that word lightly. They have sold their bodies and minds to the corporations and will go to war, NOT based on the laws of the constitution, but on the commands of the CEOs.

Listen closely to Willard Romney at the debate tonight. Watch him pander to my fellow Jews about Israel. Watch him inject fear through his notion of branding Iran a serious threat. Check out how he mentions a war with Syria, and guess what, he will mention the threat of the Russians as well.

When the Obama campaign uses the theme “Forward”, I understand it more than ever. Romney and Ryan will take us backward to wars and deficits, conflict and poverty, totalitarianism and slavery. And while millions from the working and middle class come back minus limbs, minds, or lives, you can be sure the Romney family and his rich friends will make millions, and none of their children will ever have to serve and die.


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