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24 February 2017

Every Wacko Knows His Own

Every wacko knows his own, and as an expert wacko myself of many fine years, I know that Birther Don Trumputin is a wacko! Now you have nothing to worry about from me because I am harmless, but the Birther Trumputin has been irresponsibly flushed into our lives because, in part, half of us did not vote in our last election which was the most important since our civil war. Expert psychiatrists are starting to agree, and with the help of the 25th amendment of our constitution, we can remove a disabled president. Then we have to deal with Christian Religious Terrorist Pence. I know, it is tough, but Putin's turd is infecting our highest office. Trumputin is a mentally unbalanced psychopath and must be removed, and then we will deal with Pence. We will obstruct and undermine one right wing asshole at a time and win!!!

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