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05 March 2017

Birther TrumPutin EPA: Enemies of the People of America!

The TrumPutin birther bastard takes lessons from 1984's Ingsoc! FORGET ABOUT THE CREEP'S ACCUSATION THAT PRESIDENT OBAMA BUGGED HIS LITTLE TOWER!!! THAT IS A DISTRACTION!! He and his GOP are trying to murder our federal government and turn us against it in order to serve Putin's nefarious totalitarian plans. Look how the Birther TrumPutin bastard is taking our EPA (founded by Nixon by the way) and turning it against us. The new EPA, under soaked-in-blood-oil Secretary of State Pruitt, wants to roll back pollution standards for cars and wants to allow coal companies to dump their trash in our streams. AMONG OTHER THINGS!! So ignore the distractions that come out of this former white house, now shit house, and remember that in addition to the emasculation of the EPA, the Birther TrumPutin has still not shown his tax returns, He has still not separated himself from his businesses. He has failed to explain his connection to dictator and oligarch and perhaps the richest scumbag/ assassin in the world, Vladimir Putin. So forget about the GOP/ TrumPutin distractions and keep both of your eyes on how these traitors are deconstructing our beloved and unique federal government in our full view! RESIST OR SEE OUR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC DIE!!!

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