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08 March 2017

Health Care, The GOP, and 1984's Principles of Ingsoc

Folks, you need to understand the lying, totalitarian, religious extremism of the GOP. They use the principles of 1984's Ingsoc with impunity. In Ingsoc, there is something called the "mutability of the past". This means that the past can be revised whenever those in power think that it is necessary, and once the change is made, with the use of another Ingsoc principle, "doublethink", this revision is accepted as the fact of all time until it is revised again. THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT WAS ORIGINALLY A CONSERVATIVE PLAN ACCEPTED BY BOB DOLE AND MITT ROMNEY. President Obama wanted ALL AMERICANS TO HAVE MEDICARE!! His ACA was a compromise with the GOP because the plan kept an INDIVIDUAL MANDATE AND IT KEPT THE INSURANCE COMPANIES!!! IT WAS IN FACT A SUCCESSFUL STATE CONSERVATIVE INSURANCE PLAN. Now the creeps at the GOP, Bitch McDunbbell and Paul Eddie Munster Ryan, want to make us believe that they have absolutely no connection with the plan. The Truth is if President Obama had been white, Birther TrumPutin and his GOP hypocrites would be kissing his ACA TUCHIS IN RINE, right in the ass!!! Licking it too and saying yum! yum!  

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