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10 April 2017

Re: New Inferior Court and other Matters: I can Change the Rules Too!

Thanks to the traitorous GOP and their fascist oligarch leader, the birther TrumPutin, we now have a tainted Supreme Court, now an inferior court if you will, and this day will the cursed, this day that the GOP was allowed to steal a Supreme Court seat, and Gorsuch is sworn in. The corrupt oligarchs have changed the rules to destroy us, and now, I am changing the rules too!! I WILL NEVER ACCEPT TRUMPUTIN AS MY PRESIDENT. I WILL NEVER ACCEPT THE DECISIONS OF THE NEW INFERIOR COURT UNLESS THEY ARE PROGRESSIVE. I WILL LEGALLY FIGHT THIS TAKEOVER OF MY PRECIOUS COUNTRY UNTIL MY DYING BREATHE. Finally, check out that photo op that the birther bastard took to make himself look as if he is a competent leader like Obama was. Trump absolutely is NOT!!! We have corrupt business people destroying our country right now, and what ever they do in peace and in war will be our tragic undoing. Please stand up against these evil fiends now or see our country die.

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