03 April 2017

SPECTRE Has Won! Now we Must FIGHT Trump Appointments!

Just imagine how exciting this all is. Here we are, schmucks all, smack dab in the middle of a James Bond Movie where Bond loses and SPECTRE wins. Just ask international Godfather of crime, Vladimir Putin about his designs on the world and how the nomination of Gorsuch for the Supreme Court is part of that plan. Gangsters are adept at robbery. Just look what the GOP did to President Obama and his choice for the seat. WOW, these mobsters are moving fast to solidify their power in our country. The suspense is building, and James Bond is more despondent then ever before. Remember that team of scuba divers who came to his aid in "Thunderball"? Remember all those Ninja guys who came to his aid in "You Only Live Twice"? Well come on, let's get in on the action and run the Russian Oligarchs SPECTRE and their ilk out of our country and into the sewers where they belong. I am ready for that final climactic confrontation where right overcomes evil.... Just imagine.... Will James Bond return?

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