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24 April 2017

The First 100 Days of Pain and Counting

Trump did not fail
in his first 100 days. I curse myself for saying this, but the monster, the
fiend, the Putin puppet is on track to undermine and ultimately destroy our
democratic republic. He has succeeded in putting his pernicious stamp upon our
country that will last for at least 40 years and beyond. This traitor, this
Trumpist clown has failed at so many things in his first 100 days of the pain
he has subjected us to, but he has succeeded in one very important thing: this
creep, this fascist slimeball, this TrumPutin totalitarian has been allowed to
appoint a Supreme Court injustice whose name is religious extremist fascist
Neil Gorsuch, a fiend who has been allowed to sit in a seat that should have
been appointed by President Obama but was stolen  by the TrumPutin Birther and his GOP shit
load of traitors. In other words, this creep, this birther bastard Trump has
now changed the very nature of our judicial branch, making it totally partisan
and hence no longer a valid branch of our 3-branch federal government. Yep, a
candidate who was elected by the electoral college and by less than 50% of our
population has now, in the first 100 days in office accomplished a feat no
other president in our history has attempted. This goon, this creature from the
other side has succeeded in destroying the judicial branch and is on his way to
eliminating the other two, leaving us in the end with George Orwell’s Oceania
or, more accurately, Margret Atwood’s former USA’s Galead from her “Handmaid’s
Tale”. I fear for what is going to happen in our next 100 days of pain in this
Trump administration of religious extremist traitors.

Lest I sound too
extreme myself for what is ahead, I am nevertheless thankful for our unique
form of government because the former 3 branches of our federal government are
still duplicated all the way down to the state and the local levels. I’ve said
this before that the fascist oligarch religious extremist Putin puppets now in
control of our federal government will have to use a machete to destroy those
branches still in existence beneath their federal governmental level. Sadly,
with a tainted federal inferior court (formally Supreme), the fate of rightful
constitutional protections supported by lower courts may be overturned in the
inferior court. The fascists now infesting our federal government do not even
believe in it nor do they believe in a constitution in general, but they’ve had
to live with the document that they interpret in what they call an
“originalist” idea. This means that the constitution is interpreted in a
fundamentalist fashion and not in an evolving progressive fashion. If it wasn’t
for the progressives on the Supreme Court, there would be no voting rights (now
hamstrung by the way by the conservatives on the court). There would be no
abortion rights. Rich white crackers like Jeff Sessions and Rex Tillerson would
still be allowed to own human beings. The last thing this evolving nation needs
is another right-wing originalist on the Supreme Court especially since his
party stole the seat in the first place. Yes, I am comforted by the fact that
the right-wing fiends haven’t succeeded in destroying the lower courts, but
they are working on it, believe me, as I write these words.

Trump is probably
laughing his combover off every time he thinks about how he got away with being
elected in the first place. He is rolling all over the offal office in a pile
of pig shit celebrating the fact that he is getting away with filling his
cabinet with individuals dedicated to wiping out the offices they have been
assigned to protect. Imagine an EPA secretary who hates the EPA, or an
Education secretary dedicated to undermining traditional non-privatized public
schools, or a Health and Human Services secretary who is dedicated to making
all people, except his rich pals as ill as possible. I haven’t investigated
Stinky Zinke of the Interior Department, but I am sure that if there are oil
wells to be found on public lands, Stinky Zinke is the secretary of Interior to
contact in this era of TrumPutin GOP terror.

Right now, with
the stroke of a pen, the TrumPutin creep has been able to create fear in cities
that want to protect undocumented immigrants and chaos at airports for
returning travelers who discover a twilight zone end to their journeys. All
this duplicitous creep and his GOP have to do now when they want to pass laws
to screw us is close the doors and do their worst behind the scenes. The next
time the TrumPutin clown has one of his pep rallies, he should request that
those attending turn around, drop their pants, and bend over, but the rest of
us who are awake and are paying attention will never succumb to this, and our
strength must be in our resolve to save our country, to resist the traitors who
have invaded our government, to pay attention to all the real news we can get,
and to prosecute this pretender-to-be-president every chance we can get. Our
mistake is our belief that the TrumPutin puppet accomplished nothing during his
first 100 days of our pain. This creep is an accomplished crook and con man who
knows the ins and the outs of how to swindle people. Our job out here in the
resistance is to never forget, to never forgive, and to jealousy guard our
constitution and the progressive ideals of our country.

I am in
trepidation over what will be the next scene in this frightening and
suspenseful political thriller whose ending could include nuclear incineration.
But I remember what the evil Sargent Barnes said to a wounded screaming soldier
in the movie “Platoon”, “Take the pain… Take the pain”. Which meant to me pain
is an integral part of the human existence, but some pain like the pain
inflicted on us by other humans can be fought and can be defeated if we can
only take what the bastards dish out because certainly once we start dishing it out in return, none
of the right wing cowards will be able to take it!!

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