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02 May 2017

Rachel Maddow "How Trump is Schtupping Us" Show Continued

I don't need to watch any political thriller such as the upcoming new season of "The House of Cards". All I have to do for suspense is watch the Rachel Maddow News Hour to understand fully how this TrumPutin bastard and his GOPutin are giving us a good schtupping. I never imagined in my old age that I would be living through this massive assault on our democratic republic. I curse my generation, the baby bunglers, for cursing you youth with the Donald Birther TrumPutin scum. Long after I am ashes, you young people, soon to be old, and your soon-to-be-born innocents, will be left with dust and ashes far sooner than you are supposed to. Curse us, Curse my generation of hypocrites, Liars, thieves and mother earth violators.

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