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19 May 2017

Trump: Master Perpetrator of Witch Hunts, NOT VICTIM OF THEM!!

President Obama spent 8 years being the victim of a Greed Only Party witch hunt, and the greatest master perpetrator of witch hunts, Don Birther Bastard TrumPutin, made sure to spread vile lies and filth about President Obama, claiming that he was not American born. And now this creep, this malignant tumor on the anus of our body politic, this TrumPutin clown has the nerve to claim that he is the victim of a witch hunt because we the American people want to know if the Russians helped to elect him with his approval??!!! During the true witch hunt against President Obama, he stood tall with dignity. Now that the Birther creep is getting a taste of the same medicine (but this time for good reason), he not only can't stand tall with dignity, he shrinks and cries like a spoiled little child used to getting his way torturing all the ants!!

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