03 July 2017

On Trump: Rachel Maddow Should Take Her Own Advice!

Rachel Maddow correctly pointed out that this new Traitor that we have in the White House is using the office to its full advantage to distract with every stupid and thug word that he says. Traitor Trump knows that every word that he says is news, and we have to learn to ignore everything that comes out of the Trump sewer. The press corps should boycott future White House briefings and even make stuff up if they have to the way our enemy Trump does. Rachel Maddow said that she didn't know what to do about this new political kind of attacking, so I have to remind her that she should take her own advice. Ignore what Traitor Trump and his GOPutin say because all they do is lie. Pay attention to all the horrific stuff that they are doing, and this way, we have control of the argument and not the monster and his GOPutin minions.

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