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11 September 2017

Sixteen Years After 911, We Have Learned Nothing!

In the Y2k0 decade, we were
attacked. In the Y2k0 decade, our country was almost destroyed by GOP policy,
and in the latter years of the Y2kTeens, we are still suffering from GOP
policies of the previous decade. Obama brought us away from the brink only to
have us, 16 years after 9/11, under the administration of a racist psychopath traitor
named Trump whose claim to fame was forcing Barack Obama to show his birth
certificate. If I was the first black person as US President, I would have told
the birther tax evader creep Trump to go and F--- himself. The fact that we
have brought GOP back to rule us after what they did to us, bodes ill for the
next 16 years of our country and for the world at large. With the election of
Tax Evader TrumPutin Birther Bastard as Creepident of the USA, we have proven that
we want to devolve back to hairy apes rather than evolve passed the still
dangerous naked apes that our human species is now. Apparently, Sixteen Years
After 911, We Have Learned Nothing

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