19 July 2010

The World's Most Dangerous Animal

The world's most dangerous animal is the human being because all we do is mess with each other.
I did not ask my parents to screw me into the world, but when they did, they opened for me the rotten tasting can of worms that has been fed to me since the day I was born with a damaged eye my father could not stand looking at. The answer was operations on a kid not yet 3 or 4, operations that did not work. In a way, I was lucky and could have been totally blind had my father decided to also have my better eye operated on. He didn't. He was just teaching me the axiom that all we do is mess with each other.
For the next years of my life, I began to see just how we love to mess with each other. I was the only kid in my class who wore glasses, and since I was not good at sports, something else my father was upset about, I had to deal with bullies. Later on, as I entered adolescence, I discovered that the only kind of guy the girls liked were the ones who had a great time making fun of me and picking on me.
When I graduated from college and entered the work world full time, I discovered that even with the best of educations, you still had to deal with that power hungry bastard: your boss. And when I finally finished 28 years of teaching in the NYC school system, I realized just how screwed I have been.
The world we live in is run by all those idiots we knew in school that became student leaders. They grew and festered until they became the heads of government and the heads of major corporations. This had always been the case, even as a child when I was told to hide under my desk to practice what would happen if we were all hit by an atomic bomb. The new leaders have told us that the world changed after 11 September 2001, but I know different. It has always been the same, always the world on the brink of catastrophe, always someone getting screwed one way or the other, always some kind of financial crisis that threatens people's jobs.
Now we deal with international terrorism and a war on a word, terror, that could last until the end of us entirely. We have allowed the big shots at the corporations free reign to rape and pillage this planet until nothing remains. It will take at least 50 years for us to recover from the BP gulf oil spill, and who knows how many other wells will fail in the meantime.
This is all wonderful, however, since we are again fighting a war and at least have the media to entertain us and make us stupid watching shows like: America's Top Model, Bachelorette, The World's Greatest Loser, and Maury Povich. Make no mistake about it: those in charge are having a great time not worrying about paying their mortgage, not worrying about the slime contaminating the Gulf Of Mexico, not worrying about where their next meal will come from. These are the same scum who run the governments of the world where gridlock is the order of the day. Never believe what a politician tells you because nothing will ever get done in this or in any other country, and if something does get done, it is so compromised by bullcrap that it becomes meaningless.
Still, you can always get your mind off these problems and visit Canada where you can beat a baby seal's head to pulp with a bat and let your air headed girlfriend enjoy wearing some nice seal skin coat. If that doesn't move you, perhaps you can visit some far away place and dump all your trash there. Maybe we can keep pumping that ozone into the atmosphere and then deny that there is dangerous climate change going on.
Animals do not plot and plan how to gain power at other people's expense. Animals don't have the nerve to tell you what will happen to you after you die. Animals don't dump millions of gallons of oil into pristine waters. Animals do not wage war as we do and send thousands to die for nothing but oil and money.
Only we, the human being, messes with everything, a process that begins when we are defecated into this world, when we use our playgrounds for bully combat, when we put other finite humans in positions of power over the rest of us, when we presume to be the owners of this planet, we human beings, the world's most dangerous animal. Where the heck are the giant insects when we need them to finally wipe the human feces off this wounded planet?


Avi said...

I like animals better than people!
"If it went by merit, your dog would go in, and you(people)would go out" Mark Twain
I would rather have animals run the planet, rather than humans!

HowardBeal said...

Yeah, I would rather have animals running this planet as well...problem is right now we have the wrong animal running things.