06 November 2012

Election 2012 Journel or Standing at the Abyss of "1984"

John Hurt as Winston Smith in "1984" remake, under constant watch By Big Brother and the GOP.

 Before You Cast Your Vote, THINK!!

Too many on the right are confusing the issues. They are obfuscating their conservative message with extremist social issues. This adds further confusion and inhibits our ability to vote rationally. I know that if I am a registered Republican, I believe in smaller government, less regulations on business, lower taxes, in the right to life, in the marriage of church and state. The first 3 are genuine conservative concerns, but the last 2?

When I walk into the polls, I am voting for every progressive candidate I can find. I am voting for a functioning federal government which without taxes would not be able to serve the hundreds and thousands of our citizens who depend on the federal government to be the final arbiter in their cause against neglect from the state and/or city governments.

When I cast my vote, I am supporting strong federal government regulations on businesses and on especially corporations. I know that without these regulations, none of us have any protection against the avarice of these conglomerates. I think of a toxic waste dump in my community, unregulated, festering, poisoning and know which party stands for the regulations that would protect me from something like that.

I am voting to protect a woman’s right to choose. Now please understand. I am not telling anyone whether they should get an abortion or not. THIS IS NOT MY PLACE. If a woman wants or does not want an abortion, that is up to Her. That is the point of choice. By the same token, women have a right to be Democrat or Republican. They have the choice as any human being living on this planet has, and it will NOT be denied. I most definitely must vote this next election to continue protecting women from the misogynist morons who still haunt the dark alleys of our communities.

When I vote, I don’t want to be conned. Some people always seem to think they can get something for nothing. Take income taxes for example. The GOP candidate is promising an across the board 20% deficit neutral tax cut for ALL Americans, including those at the top who don’t need it and who never created jobs while they still have it. The voter who doesn’t think sees a tax cut in Romney’s promise, but it is really a tax increase.

How can that be?

My wife and I just bought a home last year. We will now experience something that will help us maintain our middle class status. We now can claim as a deduction on our income taxes the interest we pay on our mortgage. I don’t even know what we’ll get back, but whatever it is it will go toward home improvements, mortgage payments, and the like. The Romney tax cut will eliminate this deduction, making his tax cut really a tax increase.

Whether I am a flaming liberal or a constipated conservative, do I want to lose the interest paid on a mortgage deduction? If I was an Obama hating, rifle loving, Jew baiting, race baiting, gender bating, religious fanatic, psycho, who is nevertheless also a new home owner (just like me - we have that in common), would I want to keep the deduction or give it to the 1% who have dumped on us for years? Furthermore, do I really want a president who reminds me of the worst bosses I have ever worked for, a person who refuses to show his own income taxes for ten years of his earnings? Do I want to vote for a Mitt Romney who has off shore tax shelter accounts, (blind trusts, he calls them) who has put thousands out of work, leaving them naked in the streets without pensions or health care (save for his own state)? Do I really want someone like this in control of my own income taxes?

I lived in Brooklyn, NY for 38 years, and they’d say “GET THE F--- OUT OF HERE…

Bossiosis and Bossitis
I firmly believe that business is antithetical to democracy. Business always was and always is involved with money. They thrive in our capitalistic and plutocratic democratic republic because money is that thing in our culture that, besides the Bible, has god written on it. When you work in a business, especially a non-union one, you have no rights. The boss has the last word. Go on and try and get a vote in the company. The boss tells you to do something that you don’t like, you have no option but to do it or quit. The last thing I want is a boss (who has called this country a “company that has to be fixed” and who also said that he likes to fire people) as president of the USA.
Willard Romney is a classic case of a serious disease that is yet to be discovered called bossiosis. Untreated this can lead to bossitis and can be fatal to the body politic. The only way to cure bossitis is you have to have an employeectomy. This is all very serious stuff that all of us should be cognizant of. How then do you stop bossiosis and bossitis before it can do irreparable damage?
One important thing is to recognize the symptoms and act accordingly. Willard Romney is a classic case of the latter stages of bossiosis.
1.  He loves to fire people.
2.  He can’t tell the difference between a company and a country.
3.  He feels that he is above any rules. The fact that he still does not want to reveal his tax returns is a glaring example of this.
4.  He has delusions of grandeur, believing he would want to be the leader of a country if not the entire world where all citizens are employees he can fire at will.
As long as the boss is confined to running a company, the chances of bossiosis is slim, but still possible. Look at all the unemployed, a sure sign that bossitis is happening at some level in our society. If bossiosis is not caught in time, and the diseased is allowed to become the head of a country, bossiosis will definitely become bossitis, a serious life threatening condition, that if not immediately treated will kill the entire country that has it. No matter what, in a company, if bossitis sets in and is not treated, an immediate employeectomy is required sending those who worked for the company off into the wonderful world of unemployment.
Once the boss is the head of a country, however, and bossitis sets in, the treatment by employeectomy takes on a new more serious implication. A country, afflicted by bossitis can only cure itself by sending millions of citizens into exile. This then causes a global economic catastrophe and eventual warfare as the exiled Americans demand McDonalds, Burger King, 7-11, Walmart, Home Depot, KFC, and Neighborhood Applebees near them at all times.
To prevent the above from happening, once bossitis is confirmed, the boss must immediately be subdued, placed in a rocket, and exploded high above the earth’s surface. Only then can the afflicted country begin to heal and the citizens spared from being exiled and separated from the big box stores they so love.
Like any disease, the best bet is prevention. In the case of bossiosis and bossitis, simply don’t elect a business person as the president of any country but most specifically not of the USA.
Citizens United On The Way To Big Brother
I suddenly realized why Romney is doing so well in the Gallup polls and why this race for the white house is so close. I stupidly forgot about Citizens United.
For those as yet unfamiliar with Citizens United, it is the law passed by this right wing controlled activist Supreme Court that gives Willard Romney the right to call “corporations people too”. It also ignores the voter harassment now going on in right leaning corporations whose CEOs now have the right to tell employees how they should vote. Citizens United has given birth to a new term: Super Pac. Look this word up and learn its significance for this year’s vote.
First of all, a presidential candidate is not supposed to have contact with the super pacs that support him or her. And second, these pacs can raise as much money as they wish for any candidate they wish and not have to disclose it, except in one circumstance. If you call your local TV or radio station and ask them who sponsored a particular political ad, they are supposed to disclose. Other than that, right wing corporations now have a right to romp like Godzilla through our election and rip apart our democracy for the sake of turning it over to a plutocratic theocratic oligarchy ruled by the Koch brothers. That’s totalitarianism folks with a mix of fascism too.
Most corporations support Romney because they understand that he will turn our country over to them or at least help it on the way. These people have a plot to overthrow our government. This makes them traitors, a word I do not use lightly because I respect people who read me and I also respect the writings of George Orwell whose terrifying prophetic dystopian novel “1984” is my bible. The word, “traitor” by the way figures importantly in “1984.” A traitor is one who takes an oath to uphold the constitution of a particular country and yet swears another oath to either a rich lobbyist or to corporations in general to do their bidding instead. If this sounds familiar, ever hear of Grover Norquist? He is a right wing lobbyist representing his right wing business base. He has made almost every Republican in the legislature (Senate and House) to take an oath to never agree to raise taxes NO MATTER WHAT!!! “No matter what” means, even if the federal government is starving and having to cut back vital programs for students, the poor, and the ill, these GOP legislators have pledged to never raise taxes EVEN if it means not “Promoting the general welfare”. If taking one oath and obfuscating it with another isn’t treason then I must be stupider than I think that I am.
Yet I can’t help it. The notion that we have extremist right wing traitors in our government on the verge of taking over still clings to me in my darkest fears about the future of our country. Anytime I try to convince myself that I am suffering from old age paranoia, I am reminded of the swearing in 2011 of the new congress and how the GOP made a mockery of it. Two of these extremist traitors weren’t even at the swearing in and did so, with their right hands held high, in front of a TV monitor. Am I alone in believing this is outrageous?
It is ultimately logical because all these victors of the 2010 debacle have done nothing but attack our rights. The right to vote, the right to have an abortion, the right to not be denied medical insurance by insurance companies because we have a pre-existing condition, the right to an infrastructure that is up to date and safe, the right to a clean planet, the right to worship or not worship as we please, the right of an elected president to enjoy his term without being attacked by traitors who would have us believe that one of the greatest leaders this country has ever seen in a long time, President Obama, wasn’t born here.
I always say that the nature of big business is to be against democracy. If you’ve seen the behavior of Willard Romney at the debates, he will remind you of the most obnoxious boss you ever had who fired you. Here is an opportunity, thanks to the new law Citizens United, for big business to put one of their own into the white house, someone who we already know has total distain for most of us. These mostly right wing corporations are donating billions to help Romney steal this country for them.
This is why Romney may be ahead in the polls. His superpacs are putting billions into a 24 hour a day ad campaign spewing forth lies about President Obama in mostly battle ground states like Ohio, Virginia, Florida, and Pennsylvania. And if Willard Romney, this right wing toady of the corporate right, gets his hands on the white house, I for one will never accept his administration. I will demand constant hearings on voter suppression. I will work tirelessly to expose Citizens United. And I will arm myself in preparation for the time my beloved federal government no longer exists, and I have to defend what is left of my country with my life’s blood.
Conservative Neighbors

I know that you hate Pres. Obama. I respect that because I hated Bush the same way, and I feel the same way about the totalitarian right wing traitors running now. That being said: Some of you may be union members. Others are new or mid mortgage payment home owners. That 20% tax cut Romney is promising across the board will amount to pittance in your pay checks. For once and for all, there is really no such thing as an income tax cut. If the federal government cuts your tax, they still have to raise that lost revenue some way. They'll do it with a back door "tax." You lose, for example, that deduction for the interest on your mortgage. What can a loss like that amount to you over the year all at once? 5000? 7000?
We middle classers on the right and on the left share one thing: we are trying to stay up with our payments. We, all of us, may not have alll the money Romney, Ryan, or Trump have, but we still have some success. And we still have some intelligence.
Don't tell me you want to cut my taxes, and then bend me over afterwards and tell me that I have to lose my mortgage interest deduction to pay for it.
My friends, I personally think Obama is the best president we have had in years, and I know he has flaws. But you, on the right, go to the polls, hold your nose, and vote for the president, so at least you can keep what your friend Romney wants to take away from you, and then you can donate that saved money for Christie or some other right wing schmeck in 2016.
Dear Mr. O’Donnell Re: Rewrite 18 Oct
I live in the NYC area. I am telling you this only to let you know that if you need any back up in your fight with Tagg Romney, I am there.
I know that you probably work at 30 Rock. If the craven Tagg gives you an affirmative response, please let me know when and where. I promise only to bring my fists, but wish I could at least use garbage and garbage cans on his empty cowardly skull.
I am just a subway ride away from you, so let me know.
I make this offer because RomneyMen, as you pointed out, are hypocritical cowards who always supported a war they did not want to fight in. And if they happen to be cornered, they are going to fight dirty. I wouldn’t put it pass old Tagg to bring some of his boys with him, so please, Mr. O’Donnell, take heed.
RomneyMen only do things to enrich themselves, and if there is any chance that you will knock Tagg’s teeth down his throat (and I put that chance at 100%), he will have planned for that in advance to your detriment.
I have hated bullies my entire life. Having the opportunity to stand alongside you kicking Romney butt will be a defining moment of my life and an honor.
Gary Perl
Dear Ms First Lady:
Is my life better off now than it was four years ago?
Absolutely YES!!!
Since your husband has been in office, my wife and I were able to purchase our first home. And I understand that we did not do this alone. I had crazy parents who at least knew the value of a good education. I had good teachers, and a teachers union to back me up when I became one myself. If it wasn’t for that TDA that I had through my union, I would not now be looking at home ownership in my retirement years. Between the both of us, Joyce and I, we lucked out in the end because the policies of your husband really made a difference. I had 100% of my TDA money in the variable “A” stock market part at the height of the crash.
I didn’t have much in that account in the first place, and I was never into keeping track of money in all its dirty forms. However, thanks to the policies of President Obama, I saw that 60,000 dollars in my TDA grow into 113,000.00 by the time I was retiring from NYC public school teaching in 2009. Two years into my retirement, I was able to use the funds in my TDA to buy a condo in, ironically, the Republican supporting borough of NYC, Staten Island. I was, sadly, priced out of Brooklyn where I had lived for 38 years, coming from a childhood in Southern California, and a birthplace in Cleveland, Ohio. I can prove it, but I misplaced my birth certificate.
I want to assure you that I am not an “Obamabot”. I have never wanted or had any real leader. Each of us has to be our own leaders or else be careful lest we sell ourselves out. I still hold by this today, and the fact that I support your husband, a politician, is a tribute to him as the human being that he is.
When your husband ran for office, he made many promises. I knew that he could never keep all of these, but what he said was filled with a great vision of the future of our country going forward in the 21st century. I want you to know that I am quite satisfied with President Obama’s leadership in the first four years of his administration. It is a miracle that he got so much done that he did: the Affordable Care Act, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Wall Street Regulations, The Death of Osama Bin Laden, the end of the Iraq War, the Death of Quadaffi, the end of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, the rescue of the US Auto Industry, aid for immigrants, especially from our central American neighboring countries, and the massive rebound of the Dow Jones.
Wow what a list of accomplishments. And all of this was done in the face of hatred in the form of the extremist Tea Bagger wing of the GOP. This group is the worst threat to our country since Joe McCarthy. A loss by your husband, goddess forbid, would give these new more dangerous extremists a stronger foot hold on our country, and believe me; they will cut the throat of our democratic republic and turn the remains over to the Koch Brothers. I hope that during the next debates, your husband goes for their jugulars as if the very survival of our nation is at stake from a bunch of traitors. There I said it.
I have been following every nasty thing the right wing party has done to your husband from the very beginning of his term. It is absolutely disgusting, and when people ask me why your husband did not get more done in the first part of his term, I tell them that first, he did get things done, and second, the GOP took advantage of the new filibuster rule as well as taking advantage of a new super majority rule. So, in other words, in the old days, when something was voted on, a simple majority would do. Now, in these days, a simple majority means nothing to get anything passed. They should make a movie about all your husband went through during his first term. I mean it would be riveting, but more importantly, eye opening.
Again, thank you for the gift of you and your husband’s administration. I would adopt you all as my own. I would put you in my will. I wish that you and your daughters would run for president. I wish that I could live with an Obama somewhere nearby for the rest of my life. In any event, I will settle for another wonderful four years of you and your family’s beautiful faces in the white house.
Request: Please Free Leonard Peltier from his life sentence in federal prison.
Ms First Lady, I know that you and your husband are not Santa Claus. You cannot acquiesce to every request under the moon. In any event, I believe that Mr. Peltier is innocent of the crimes he was convicted of. I believe he was railroaded by the FBI who, along with the GOON squads, was trying to destroy the American Indian Movement. Mr. Peltier was given a life term, and is still serving it.
As you can see, this can be a very complicated issue. I would hate to see you or your husband take flack for freeing a so-called convicted murderer of 2 FBI agents in the line of duty. A book and documentary were made about the incident at Oglala. I don’t even believe Mr. Peltier was present the night of the murders. In any event, if you can, please, at least, look into the case, and if you think it has merit, please bring it up to your husband. I would love to see Mr. Peltier out of prison before the end of his very valuable life.
Thank You!!
I leave you with this: I am grateful to have lived long enough to have Mr. Barack Obama as my president.
Please, be well, Ms First Lady, and be safe, you, and yours, you the most beautiful first lady of this land I have ever seen, and I am 62.

Gary Perl
Never Be a One Issue Voter
Ok imagine if you are an extreme right wing leaning voter. Never mind if you will lose all of your vital tax exemptions such as the home mortgage interest deduction. Never mind if Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are privatized. So what if you will get a pittance of a 20% tax decrease. The main thing for a person like you is goddamned ABORTION, and goddamned birth control, and goddamned women’s rights. When you step into the polls and vote, only ONE issue confronts you. Forget about screwing yourself and your children economically as you will soon learn under a Romney Economy, all you want is to eliminate choice for all time, and make life the law of the land, UNBORN life that is.
I personally think your views on this stink. They are patriarchal, misogynist, horse manure. However, I respect your right to believe in this nonsense. I just wish you understood just how important your vote really is and simply stop being a one issue voter.
I used to be a one issue voter as well. When I walked into the polls, only one word was foremost in my mind: ISRAEL!!!! I am ashamed to say, as I posted before, that voted for the worst scum of our history just because I wanted another country to be better off than I was. Don’t get me wrong, Israel is still very important to me, but I live in this country and have learned to widen the issues I vote on. While I want Israel to be able to defend herself, I also want my new neighbor across the street from me to enjoy his interest on mortgage deduction. I want him and his family to enjoy every bit of the social safety net I am enjoying now, and if it were up to me, I would give them the best gift of all: a single payer government health care system.
I am glad that I think about all the issues when I vote. Otherwise I would be sucked in by Romney Bait. The fact is Obama is following the same US policy toward Israel since the time of Jimmy Carter. A “Romney administration” (GODDESS FORBID!!!) would not deviate from that course. In fact he was caught on camera saying he would do less than nothing about the turmoil in the Middle East, comparing his move to kicking the football down the field.
I personally hate football.
President Obama while never perfect (I never expected him to be) is not promising to cut taxes by 20% across the board and not saying how he will pay for it. President Obama does not have money hidden in off shore accounts to avoid his tax burden. Candidate Obama showed all his income taxes as requested. Candidate Romney has not.
President Obama is not trying to sell our country to the highest right wing theocratic corporate bidder. Romney is, and that is treason in my book. How this fiend can even be allowed to run for president is the most frightening thing of all.
When I walk into the polls, I am thinking in part, about you, my right wing friend. If you are so blinded by your hatred for Obama and your love for the unborn, I have to show some mercy on you, and forget my own “ONE BIG ISSUE”, and vote Obama and Biden in 2012 so you and I can keep getting those deductions we need so badly to make ends meet. After all, you and I were not born with silver spoons in our mouths, but we are smarter, I hope, than Romney and the extremists he fronts for think that we are.
When you go into the polls, right wing Obama hating neighbor, when you pull the lever for Obama, you are not voting for him, but for the continuation of those wonderful middle class tax deductions that Romney’s class takes for granted. You are voting against the boss who has been exploiting you for years.
When I pull that lever for you, my friend, I am also voting to keep our country out of the hands of evil totalitarians.
Romney a Practitioner of Doublethink
The pundits on MSNBC were at a loss last night, frustrated over the ability of Willard Romney to change his opinions so smoothly it was as if his previous opinions did not even exist. President Obama has dubbed this “Romnesia”. I call it Doublethink.
One of the greatest “textbooks” on recognizing totalitarian thinking is George Orwell’s “1984.”  He is the one who invented the term doublethink. One of the principles of Ingsoc (newspeak word for English Socialism), doublethink is the ability to hold two contradictory beliefs at the same time while believing in both of them. Here is how it works.  In the novel, Oceania is one of three totalitarian superpowers dominating the world, the other two being Eurasia and Eastasia. In the chilling dystopia Orwell created, war is continuous. When Oceania is a war with Eurasia, for example, they are allies with Eastasia. When they are at war with Eastasia, they are allies with Eurasia. Now here is where doublethink comes in. In the continuous war depicted in “1984”, the combatants are always changing. A few months, Oceania could be at war with Eurasia and change to war with Eastasia. The population of Oceania is expected to believe that no change ever took place. As one of the main characters, Winston Smith, says, if we are at war with one power and then switch to war with another, we have to forget we were ever allies with our new enemy. If war is changed from say Eurasia to Eastasia, we were always at war with the latter. If they change back to war with Eurasia, then we have always been at war with Eurasia.
Doublethink allows people to hold two beliefs at the same time, forgetting one while they support the other. They can switch the entire process around and support the one while forgetting the other opinion. In the society depicted by Orwell, lies have become truth, and history has been revised so much due to the ever changing nature of their continuous war that people no longer remember the date of the year.
Willard Romney and his Republican totalitarian party have been practicing doublethink for years, especially since Obama has been president. If you believed what they have been putting out, it is Obama, not Bush, who destroyed our economy, and it was Bush who really caught Osama Bin Laden.
When Romney hit the stage for the final debate, his use of doublethink was so smooth and so classic in the Orwellian sense, that I was able to recognize what he was saying for the crap that it was.
I don’t want a government based on lies. Nor do I want to see our country fall under the rule of corporate oligarchs. If you really want to understand the nature of the Republican extremist menace, read “1984”. And understand, the GOP will always hold two contradictory beliefs and use both of them in their nefarious plans to destroy our democratic republic. This is doublethink!
Last Night’s Rewrite
A big heart in the sand with “I love Ann” written huge in it and a young draft dodging Romney laying in it, arms behind his head, looking up at the sky and smiling. Meanwhile, in the steaming jungles of Viet Nam, others from our generation aren’t so lucky and aren’t so filled with smiles. Romney and I will never understand what it was like to crawl through those jungles with bullets flying a few inches over our heads. Romney and I will never understand what it must have been like to hold a dead comrade’s bloody and ruined remains in our arms. Neither he nor I will have to live with horrible physical and mental disabilities as a result of that war or as the result of ANY war.
However, I am thankful to post that there are differences between us. I wasn’t a draft dodger. When my number was called, I reported with great anxiety at the induction center. Thankfully, being blind out of one eye helped me to avoid the fates of others from our generation.
Unlike Romney, I never protested for the war. Nor did I protest against the war because I objected to the abuse being heaped upon returning Viet Nam vets by many of the protesters of my generation. They never learned to separate the war from the brave people who had to fight it. Unlike Romney, I made sure to vote for every veteran’s benefit raise that I could.
And unlike Romney and his GOP, I did everything I could not to undermine these returning heroes.
To add insult to injury, this new GOP voted down a vet’s jobs bill, and there is at least one GOP slime holding up a bill that would aid the surviving families of soldiers killed in action.
Don’t get me wrong. Both candidates leave a lot to be desired regarding the quagmire we are in now. These Afghanistan savages have no sense of honor or loyalty. How many more of our soldiers are going to be murdered by Afghan thugs we have trained who turn on them with savage impunity? We already got an idea of what the Romney plan entails: expansion of the conflict in the Middle East with Russia added in for good measure.
And President Obama?
Rachel Maddow covered a story proving that his surge in Afghanistan has not made things better but worse. Is our president so anal that he has to insist on the final withdrawal two years away instead of simply doing it now? Honestly, I really don’t care what happens to that country or the people in it. We did our job. Osama Bin Laden is dead. There is no longer any reason to continue keeping our soldiers in harm’s way. If it is so important to continue the fight with these people, then do it surgically, with as many drones as you can send there, but men and women on the ground? NO WAY.
George Orwell writes in “1984” that war destroys all the works of human endeavors. He adds that the ruling party in his nightmare novel stays in power because constant war keeps the structure of that sick totalitarian society intact. 
Barack Obama was not a draft dodger like Romney is. Yet, like Romney, he never served in any combat hell. Perhaps if he did, he would come to his senses and end the Afghan war once and for all. In the meantime, that image displayed on The Last Word of a young Romney enjoying a beach where a generation before, soldiers of WW 2 fought and died, disturbed me more than anything, and makes me hope that one day, only those who actually fought in wars will be allowed to run for president of our great land and not those who didn’t.
There are 95 days to the fiscal cliff.
ON Last Night’s Debate, Or By the Way, I’ve Been Drilling For Gas and Oil On Public Lands Too
I am happy that Pres. Obama won the debate last night. I was disappointed however because the president didn’t out and out call Romney the traitor that he is. I understand why the president wouldn’t take this tactic. No one on the face of this planet considers Romney a traitor, except maybe for me. The fact is both men, in spite of being far apart politically, are plutocrats, i.e. rich people.
President Obama’s saving grace is he’s a social humanist plutocrat while his challenger is just your run of the mill greedy and phony plutocrat. People have said that the GOP extremists want a plutocracy. The problem is we already have one actually, and I call it a plutocratic democratic republic. We are ruled mainly by two powerful parties (republic) that we can vote for one or the other (democracy). Most of both parties are made up of very wealthy people (plutocracy).  We have this system in place because we in the USA of the Protestant Work Ethic equate money with success. And we reward our plutocrats with tax breaks such as for corporate jets or for multiple homes. We make it so expensive to run for higher public office that only the rich need apply.
I understand that my president is not the same kind of plutocrat Romney is. President Obama and his wife, the lovely Michelle, were not born with silver spoons in their mouths. They know what it is like to go from pay check to pay check. This gives them the kind of perspective and compassion for the down trodden that Romney and his other silver spooner running mate, Ayn Ryan lack. One more replay of Romney’s “47%” remark and of Ryan’s “30% Are Takers” remark should solidify exactly what these two are all about.
Voting for Romney/ Ryan would be like voting for the boss you despise, voting for the selfish greedy turd who builds a massive house where there was a single story one before, voting for a bully who will cut off your hair if he thinks you are gay, voting for a racist cockroach who uses the word “foreign” when talking about President Obama and his policies, voting for a moron who stores his dog on the roof of his car and drives a few hundred miles, voting for a greedy hypocrite who will cut your taxes and yet install a back door tax that will nullify the former, voting for a thief who has much of his money in off shore accounts and who only paid 14% on his income taxes, and voting for a misogynist mite who would send the Women’s Rights Movement back thousands of years.
Yet, when watching the debate, I was struck how President Obama was so proud of all the new gas and oil drilling he has allowed on public lands. He was defending his record against another lie perpetrated by the GOP that he has cut drilling. Actually, I don’t believe that anyone who allows oil or gas drilling on public lands should brag about it. Do you know what a “public land” is? Why it is just our national park system and other natural “boring” areas. It was at this part of the debate, that President Obama let his inner plutocrat Mr. Hyde out.
I love the outdoors. I love to commune with the natural places of the earth, to see a moon bright by night or see a sky, moonless, yet filled with millions of stars. I am cradled to sleep by the sounds of animals and by the scent of untouched trees. I enjoy floating in warm gulf waters. I revel in the view of a majestic sunrise or of a glorious sunset. THE LAST THING I WANT TO SEE IS SOME GREEDY A—HOLE BEING ALLOWED TO DRILL ON THESE VERY HOLY PLACES!!!
We are living in the transition, the last days before climate change really kicks in. I imagine it being just like one of those special effects laden minor pieces of the cinema. Only the real future of our abuse of this planet is yet to be written. That’s OK because most of us baby boomers will be dying or on the way thereof. We’ll have the last remnants of our social security as we look down at important organs that don’t work anymore. Selfish slime, most of us, because we sullied the camp site and left it in ruins for the next generation to barely clean up because we taught them to love Snooky, Honey Boo Boo, the Academy Awards, the World Series, the shopping malls, the Super Bowl, and not this planet and not what really matters.
For every tree that is alive, we humans have more oxygen. For every animal we are able to leave alive, we have more wonder at the variety of the living species, for all the native peoples we leave unmolested, we have that much more appreciation of the uniqueness of being alive, for every ocean we leave untouched, we allow its song to be heard unsullied by future generations. If you have ever camped out in a natural place, the last thing you want is someone being allowed to sh-t all over it. After all, most of us are under siege city dwellers. We have become so numb to the noise and pollution around us (citynoise, if you will) that when confronted with the sounds of nature, we finally are able to see the real truth behind the façade we have created.
The rich, on the other hand, are able to buy with their blood money, vast estates, and whole islands, untouched wildernesses for them and their family and friends alone. The rest of it, the natural parks, the places used by the 99% and the 47% and the 30% takers, all gone just to satisfy the lustful gluttonous greed of a few rich folks.
President Obama’s saving grace in this regard is that he reigns in his inner plutocrat, remembers his roots and what was important then, and pushes for cleaner greener energy such as wind and solar power. Romney, on the other hand, would never support green energy, in his white house, from the pockets of the Koch Brothers.
I voted for Obama the first time out and will vote for him again. I know that my plutocratic democratic republic is still safe with him. No fascist police force is going to break down my door if I decide to read a certain book, practice a sexual life style, get an abortion if needed, or camp out on public land.  
But when are all of us going to learn that the ground we live on cannot be allowed to die just so we can drive bigger and bigger vehicles and become filthy rich on the corpse of this planet? When has it become fashionable to brag about polluting our once pristine land.
The Fourth and Final Debate: Or Boy Am I Stupid
I like to be as honest with my readers as I can, and my prediction about Willard Romney taking a pro war footing and pandering to my fellow Jews just did not happen. How stupid of me to forget about Romney’s secret powers as Etch a Sketch Man. Last night with his use of the terms “Peaceful Planet”, I almost could hear a familiar tune bastardized in the service of Willard: “All we are saying is Give Romney a chance…”  (Sorry John Lennon)
As for pandering to my fellow Jews, that was left up to President Obama. Every time he said, “Israel, our greatest ally in the Middle East”, I kept thinking of the line from “The Manchurian Candidate” the original. Every time a character, who had been brainwashed by the North Koreans and the Soviets, was asked about another particular character (turned assassin through brainwashing), their eyes became glassy while they said: Raymond Shaw is the kindest, bravest person that I know….” 
Let’s make no mistake, when it comes to Israel, I am as right wing as you can get. I believe in a united Israel with the ENTIRE holy city of Jerusalem as its capital. HOWEVER, just like a person running for office assures the voters that he or she will respect the separation of church and state, I too know how to separate my ethnic concerns from the concerns for my entire home country. Therefore, even if the president of the United States hated the prime minister of Israel and was a practicing Muslim, Christian, Pagan, or Atheist, I would still vote for what is best for the USA, not necessarily what is good for Israel. I owe the country of my birth nothing less.
And Israel?
It will do what it must to insure its survival. The last thing Israel needs is US troops dying in their country as well. I would never support US Soldiers going in to defend Israel. If anything, this would make Israel more of a pariah than it already is in the eyes of most of the UN and its enemies.
Let’s not forget what Romney said about the Middle East, Israel, and the so-called Palestinians at his private anti-47% meeting. He would do nothing and let the ball be punted down the field. If this is not a moronic policy about the Middle East, than I am a monkey’s uncle. So please, politicians and other assorted power brokers, stop mentioning Israel as your greatest ally. I already know what this county feels about Israel, but the last thing I expect is the USA to take the hot led enema for ANY country, including Israel, and speaking of hot led enemas…
Willard Romney will say and do anything for the opportunity to besmirch the highest office in our land. One week, he will be pro war and another he will be anti-war. The guy changes his positions faster than a tick on flesh. I have not forgotten everything this totalitarian wannabe said throughout his campaign, and with his selection of Ayn Ryan as his running mate, solidifies for me exactly what his right wing extremist administration would do to me and to our great country.
On the other hand, if Willard Romney was willing to bend over and take the hot led enema, maybe then I’d have to consider his sincerity. (Whispering) Psst: hey, even if this dangerous moron took the hot led enema just so he could be president of the United States, I still would not vote for him.
The Misogynist Patriarch Cannot Be Allowed To Win!!!
Something very significant was said by Ayn Ryan at the VP debate, something as significant as what was said about the 47% by his running mate, Willard Romney. When asked by the moderator if people who support abortion have anything to fear from a Romney/Ryan administration, Ryan replied that such a thing should not be left up to federal judges, but should be decided by the states. In other words, we do have something to fear.
Ryan is an unabashed hypocritical religious extremist (his budget would murder the poor and destroy the middle class). Unlike real Christians like Jimmy Carter and Joe Biden, Ryan has absolutely no respect for the constitutional principle of separation of church and state. If it were up to extremists like him, we’d be living in a totalitarian nightmare as akin to Margaret Atwood as it is to Orwell.
You could not be as clear as Ryan was that night on what he and Romney and their extremist party would do if they had the chance. These paternalistic right wing scum (mostly males of course) want to redefine rape. Can you imagine that? I would never vote for ANYONE who would even utter an idea like that. In fact, if we could take Ayn Ryan, Todd Akin, and Willard Romney, tie them down, and penetrate them forcibly with a solid object, maybe then we can make them understand how misogynist they are. The only problem is they can’t get pregnant from the violent act. If only they could get an idea of what it is like to have the pain of a hated unwanted birth as well.
The only thing I could do is suggest we force feed Romney, Ryan, and Akin constipation inducing drugs for at least a couple of days, enough to make them constipated for a week, and then we force them to defecate. I believe that the fecal matter that comes out of these male chauvinist scum will not only be thick and hard, but also sharp and extremely painful. I had hemorrhoid surgery, and in post op, they make you constipated. As a male, I will never know the pain of child birth, but when I had to take that first movement a week after surgery, I had to lay down, with a bucket under my butt, my legs in the air because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be writing these words today. I will never forget how painful this was, and I can only wish that after we sodomize Romney, Ryan, and Akin, we can make them so constipated that they have to give birth to all the crap that they put out.
In the early years of the 21st century, we shouldn’t even be having this discussion. Women have the right to choose PERIOD. Women have the right to the same pay for the same work PERIOD. Males who commit rape should be penetrated, constipated, and castrated. A fetus is NOT a person. A forced vaginal ultra sound is a rape. Males have no right making decisions for Females!!!
I can’t believe it… Here we are in the second decade of terror, murder, and the tea bagger instead of being in the second decade of the 21st century into enlightenment. No, we have allowed the right to divert us to flaunt their right wing misogynist hatred in our faces with impunity.
No this male realizes how rotten human civilization has been because of the rule of the patriarchs, and it will continue to deteriorate until we recognize the plague for what it is. In a free advanced country, we separate our religious from our secular lives. We tolerate what goes on behind closed doors between consenting adults. And in a free society, we respect the self determination of all of our citizens, Female as well as male, to be what they want to be and to decide what is best for them.
A Romney and Ryan administration would send us hurling back to an age of oppression, indignity, evil, rape, and death. Remember what Joe Biden said at his debate about the next president appointing one or even two Supreme Court justices. How close is Roe V. Wade to being overturned by a radical right wing supreme court?  It is THIS CLOSE!
Well, in my USA, the Puritans are gone. Women’s rights are here to stay. These rights were finally won in the last decades of the 20th century, but began with the hard fought fight for the right to vote that came earlier than that. And we still have a long way to go.
Now Women’s Rights are under attack again by the same cave man mentality that has plagued our civilization from its spawning. If Women’s Rights fall so too will the rest of us and our country with it. I stand by the Women, who have always been smarter and more compassionate then we males have ever been. The misogynist patriarchs cannot be allowed to win this November.
The Most Important Thing in the World…….Football
I’ve always hated football. There are many reasons, not the least of which the 2004 Janet Jackson Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction that made front page news on most if not all of the tabloids, including the NY Daily News. On the same day the News displayed its mammoth front page of this “outrageous and lascivious” incident, on page 50, they reported the death of fifty people in Iraq because of a car bomb. I always knew just how sick our civilization is when a bare breast can make big news over war deaths. A breast, after all, never killed anyone in its life (unless you suffocate someone with them). This is why I say if I had a choice between a breast and bloodshed, I would take the breast.
It has been over eight years since this incident, and we have arrived at another season of football. The new outrage: a blown call by a scab referee causing Wisconsin’s Green Bay Packers to have victory stolen from them. All the major players in our political football arena have weighed in on this new “outrage” including President Obama, Willard Romney, Ayn Ryan, and Wisconsin’s union hating governor, Scott (Snoopy) Walker, the latter calling for a return of the union referees.
Professional football players can earn millions of dollars. Teachers, fire fighters, police officers, sanitation workers, social workers, and school custodians make just enough to live in the middle class as long as the economic bottom does not again fall out. Wisconsin Governor Snoopy Walker was swept into office on the GOP Tea Bagger shellacking of midterm elections 2010. Although he did not run on union busting, he became infamous for doing just that during his term. Yet, even this GOP extremist is calling on the football owners to recognize the referee’s union.
You see, when it comes to the holy sport of football, every possible way to make the sport more enjoyable to those who do will be done, including bringing back despised unions.
On the other hand, when it comes to teachers, firefighters, police, and other civil service unions, all bets are off, and their unions must be expunged.  Although I am disappointed that President Obama did not weigh in on this, I am still voting for him because the alternative is exceedingly worse.
When human civilization is no more, and our blasted and ruined planet, covered in debris and trash, is visited by extraterrestrials, they will not find Wall-e. Instead they will find two paychecks: one for a teacher and one for a football player. From these two scraps of trash, they will learn what we truly valued and why we were destroyed.

To Tom H., Pepper P., Dennis H., and the rest of you right wing totalitarian wannabes who have nothing better to do than befoul Mr. O’Donnell’s Facebook page with your right wing ignorance and have the nerve to cry when you get back what you dish out: They should build an outhouse just for all of you and call it the Tom Halko, Dennis Hayward, and Pepper Polanski Fascist library containing very thin books with one syllable words. So we liberals who support “Barry” are crazy huh? I love how you righties use projection and reaction formation to label us what you are yourselves.
So we’re crazy huh? Let’s not forget the even more crazy right. What about redefining rape? What about refusing to pass a vet’s job bill? What about privatizing the post office? What about selling our country out to the Koch Brothers? What about voter suppression? What about the refusal to raise the debt ceiling for money owed? What about redefining rape (you misogynist pieces of slime)? What about trying to make a piece of fertilized slime a person? (These right wingers care more about the unborn than they do about the already born) What about privatizing Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid? What about giving tax breaks to the rich who don’t bother to create jobs? What about rejecting a visionary Jobs Bill? What about the denial of climate change? What about the shipping of American jobs overseas or to Mexico? What about denying worker collective bargaining? What about ignoring the war and the soldiers who fight and die for it at their “convention”? What about insulting 47% of this country? What about cheering when they hear that more people are executed? What about booing a gay soldier? What about saying that they without health insurance should die? What about supporting a candidate who is so stupid he would open a window on a jet? What about supporting a candidate who refuses to show his tax returns before 2010? What about an extremist vice-presidential candidate whose sick and selfish views could be a heartbeat away from the presidency?
I could go on and on with many more examples, but I will save those for when you post again. And just like death and taxes, I KNOW you will post again. I hate to say this, but I believe in telling the truth when I write. That way, people will read me and not think that I am bullmitting them.  I am just as hateful as you are. Only I am from the left.
I understand your hatred, and that is why I respond in turn just as nasty and just as disgustingly hateful. My recollections of every rotten thing President Obama has gone through these past 4 years did not go down the memory hole as it did with you.  I did not forget the two pledges these right wingers took: To make President Obama a one term president and to never raise taxes (except on the middle and on the working classes). I remember every disgusting bit of disrespect these right wing fecal balls showed this president. Again, I understand this because I had the same hatred for Bush, and I have even more hatred for Rumley and Ayn Ryan. I take a dim view of a GOP determined to turn our country into a corporate theocratic oligarchy. If you don’t know what those words mean, read “1984” and “The Handmaid’s Tale.”  Oh I forgot, you can’t read.
My wish for all you right wing racist cockroaches is that you are on a plane with Mutt Rumley, and he decides to open a window.
We Must Prevent the GOP Corporate Theocracy From Going Through With Its Nefarious Plans
People have conveniently forgotten what the Republicans have done to this country and to the people of this country. And if they are not stopped, they intend to do more.
Under them, we will see:
Theological corporate oligarchy.
A Woman’s right to choose is denied.
Voter rights are denied and eventually eliminated completely.
The EPA, The FDA, The USDA, The VA, The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau are destroyed.
Forced religious practice everyplace.
No more public schools.
Evolution not taught in any schools.
Corporate abuses of the environment to continue.
More gas and oil drilling in National Parks.
Off shore drilling increases.
More future wars.
Giant budget for Military Industrial Complex.
Worker rights and rights to collective bargaining denied.
Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid decimated as we know them.
Heath care privatized… education privatized… EVERYTHING PRIVATIZED!!
The United States Postal Service GONE!!!!
No money for infrastructure.
No regulations on Businesses and Corporations.
Ayn Rand as required reading in all schools.
US Borders are now electrified.
Executions of Abortion Doctors.
Executions of Gay People.
Executions everywhere and on national TV because these are the people who cheer for such things.
Repeal of all Gay Rights legislation.
I am going to the polls November 2012 in order to keep this country out of the hands of reactionaries who have little love for the middle class, the working class, or civil liberties in general. These right wing corporate loving slime balls want nothing less than to turn the USA into the CSA, i.e. the Corporate States of America. Before that happens this Liberal is going to exercise HIS SECOND AMENDMENT OPTION, AND ARMED ANGRY LIBERALS ARE NOTHING TO BE MESSED WITH!!!  
 If people don't believe this election is important then they might as well open their doors and welcome the reactionaries, and remember this. Government married to corporations is known by another word: Fascism. If I sound afraid, and if I am using fear to make my point, I am sorry, but I can’t help what I have been seeing, especially since President Obama was elected president.  In this election year, NOBODY CAN AFFORD TO BE APATHETIC. And if you run into any of the “True the Vote” Tea Bagger voter suppression thugs, please crack their heads with any sledge hammer you can find. The USA has no room for totalitarians, tea baggers, religious extremists, and for rich people who have nothing better to do then buy my country.
What if Romney Came Out In Favor of Legalizing Marijuana?
Once again, Lawrence O’Donnell scored big time with last night’s Rewrite, covering how the media ignores the third party candidates and hence addicts our collective brains to the notion of ONLY a two party system. I realize that it makes things a lot simpler, but as illustrated by the clip Mr. O’Donnell showed of the third party debates, moderated by none other than Larry King, having more than just two parties would give us not only much more variety and competition, but would finally allow us to move that much closer to a purer form of democracy.  Mr. O’Donnell may have not realized it, but he scored an extra point for choosing to use the “drug war” segment from the third party debate as an illustration of his thesis. I believe that marijuana should be legal.
I understand that it is not always the greatest thing to get high. I remember viewing a wonderful telefilm on DVD called Traffik. (By the way, this original European miniseries was the basis for the American version called Traffic). At a crucial point in this gripping film, one of the principal characters says: “To solve the drug problem, we have to eliminate the demand…” The character goes on to say in short that modern human society makes its members so miserable that they seek escape anyway they can get it. Make our lives more harmonious and the demand for getting high may go down. I would like to see if this notion can be proven, but as long as we have greedy rich religious right wingers in the world, there would never be a chance to improve any quality in anyone’s life nor legalize something as “sinful” as marijuana. We are told that life is what you make it, but study human society closely and then understand why people crave escape.
Since I believe human beings are at their best when they are making each other as miserable as possible, they create their civilizations and societies to be more like boot camps than like resort hotels. “Yeah, we make you miserable,” sneers human society. “And we are going to dictate how you get high too…” Hence we have alcohol, one of the worst and most addictive drugs there are, as the legal high.
And marijuana?
This is a natural plant of nature whose use yields less violent side effects and no possibility of physical addiction, yet it is shunned as illegal. If that isn’t a load of crap, than I must be sitting down wind from a Willard Romney speech.
Now what would happen if one of these third party candidates won many votes in blue or red states based on their legalize marijuana stand alone? Perhaps then, one of the super star candidates for president would take this issue more seriously. Maybe even Willard (doesn’t take a drink) Romney, in a last desperate attempt to win, may come out in favor of legalizing marijuana in Toto. WHAT THEN WOULD I DO????
Why vote for Obama of course.
Yes, I know that the president either tried or succeeded in overturning California’s medicinal marijuana law. That aside, the last thing I need is becoming a one issue voter on another issue. While I would revel in a country filled with Pot Bistros and Pot stores, I would be upset by a country filled with misogynist laws, no unions, no social contract, cruddy infrastructure, ignorant high school graduates, and a decimated middle class.
I would thank Romney, of course, for being open minded on this issue. I appreciate the fact that under him, our lives, in human society, will be more miserable than ever, but at least he is allowing us to get high on more stuff and not just on alcohol. Maybe he believes we will all have visions of his home planet, Kohlar (?) Or perhaps we will wake up all looking like Eddie Munster Ryan, but in the end, the demand for a high continues.
I realize that, living in a blue state as I do, New York, I can take Mr. O’Donnell’s suggestion and cast my vote for one of the third party candidates, perhaps the Green Party. Too bad there is no socialist party. But I am still going to vote for Obama. My life is better off now than it was before he was president. I am generally satisfied with his job performance and would be stupid if I did not give him a chance to do more of the visionary things that he wants. If I did not feel that way, I would certainly vote another way, at least to support the notion that democracy can better be practiced in a multi-party system rather than in the two party fiascos we have now.
Down the Memory Hole
President Barack Obama sprang into action. Hurricane Sandy was on its way, and he was already preparing. In the aftermath, he is there quickly, efficiently, compassionately, and responsibly. The FEMA aid is going to come to the east coast big time. The president does not care if those in charge of the besieged states are Republican or Democrat. He is the president of all Americans. Watching this president surveying the New Jersey shore with Republican Governor Chris Christie, I am struck by how wonderfully cooperative and sensitive President Obama is. Contrast this to what happened under Bush’s watch when Katrina struck New Orleans. There is a world of difference, but for some, the memories of what the Republican administration did to help destroy New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, went down the memory hole.
The term “memory hole” comes from George Orwell’s classic dystopian novel “1984.” Winston Smith, the protagonist, works in the Ministry of Truth which concerns itself with lies. His job is to revise history so that it appears that the party is always telling the truth. Once the revision is made, Winston has to take all the original documents and destroy them by placing them through a grate covered hole. Once placed in there, the original documents float on a current of warm air to the furnaces deep within the ministry to be burned out of existence. The revised lie then becomes the truth until Winston has to once again re-revise history at the behest of the party and again send the “original” documents into this grate covered hole. Orwell had a grand sense of irony and dubbed this a memory hole.
I have said that “1984” is not only a dystopian novel but also a textbook on recognizing totalitarian thinking. This new extreme GOP is adept at this. They wish, in fact, that all of us Americans have flushed our memories down the memory hole. If you have read “1984” as much as I have, you can never forget any outrage perpetrated by politicians on the rest of us. I will never forget how George W. Bush allowed New Orleans to drown. I remember how he praised the then incompetent head of FEMA by saying: “Heck of a job, Brownie…” I have also not forgotten that the party of Bush destroyed the Clinton surplus by giving it all to the so-called job creators who never created any jobs, at least not in the USA. I have not forgotten that the Bush administration got us into two wars they did not pay for. Nor have I forgotten that they did not pay for a Medicare part D.
I will always remember that GOP presidential candidate Willard Romney said that he would privatize FEMA, destroy Planned Parenthood, overturn Roe vs. Wade, turn Medicare into a voucher, block grant Medicaid, and privatize Social Security. His party refused to raise the debt ceiling last year with the consequence of having our credit rating lowered. I will never forget that this new GOP pledged to make President Obama a one term president. Last year, he came up with a visionary jobs bill that the GOP rejected. I will also never forget that they are trying to redefine rape.
This new GOP hopes that each of us has a memory hole nearby so that we forget all the outrageous things they have done to make this country even worse. Watching our president come to the aid of hurricane victims and working in a bi-partisan fashion with a Republican governor reminds me who the real liars are. The fact is a “President” Romney would have let all of us drown.
The one thing this new extremist GOP wishes is that all of us have short memories. In a climate of no memory, we give birth to totalitarian oligarchies. Therefore, it is up to each of us to keep our minds clear, our memories sharp so that we don’t hand our country over to right wing traitors.
Election 2012: On the Abyss of 1984:
From 2000 to 2008, I watched as the GOP systematically destroyed this country’s economy. From 2008 to the present, I watched as they did everything they could to undermine the administration of President Barack Obama. Their goal is to destroy the middle class, to take us back to the dark days of back alley abortions and no contraception, to reestablish a new gilded age refitted for the 21st century, an age where the rich rule and the rest of us eat their drippings, an age where church and state have been blurred and where anyone not following a particular religious belief is tried and burned. This is election 2012, one of the most important in our history because here we must decide to take a stand for our democratic republic or betray it to a 1984 mentality. Where once extremists screamed their hatred from the back of auditoriums, they now are THIS CLOSE to taking over power in our country. In the 1950’s we had one Joe McCarthy. Now we have many including a Michelle Bachmann, a Rick Perry, an Alan West, a Rich Schneider, a Scott Walker, a Paul Ryan, a Mitch McConnell, a Todd Akin, a Rick Scott, a Jan Brewer and a Richard Moordock among others. All of them are waiting in the wings of government and are rubbing their sweaty hands together. They just can’t wait to send our country back, back to the dark ages. I’ve lost much sleep over these last weeks to Election Day 2012, staring into the abyss of 1984.
In spite of Romney’s lies and dishonesty in general, in spite of his being the poster child for the tea baggers, the NY Daily News endorsed him. The polls have been maddening. They are showing the two candidates running neck and neck. Who is supporting the right wing totalitarian traitor machine? Big money is supporting it now more than ever with the help of a law, Citizens United, passed by the tainted mostly right wing US Supreme Court. In every state now controlled by the new extremist GOP, voter suppression is being practiced on mostly minorities, the elderly, and the young. In Ohio, early voting is a horror with long lines and hours of waiting thanks to Ohio Republican Secretary of State John Husted. Extremist GOP traitor and now Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, has cut early voting in half creating huge lines there as well. All of these dictator wannabes know that most early voters are Democrats, and that the last time, they helped nominate the first African American president of the United States, something that has galled these traitorous extremists since day one.
I know what we are in for if they win: the continuation of all the policies that sent our country to the worst recession since the 1929 great depression.
And worse.
We are at the crossroads. Do we go to the right or to the left? Do we go backward or do we go forward? Some people who read my words probably think I am a paranoid schizophrenic. To these people I say: you are stupid if you vote for Romney. Your vote for him means it is ok by you that Romney never showed all of his tax forms, that it is ok for him and his extremist pals to redefine rape that it is fine that the rich get tax cuts they don’t need and the rest of us have to pay for them. The people who vote for Romney are simply nostalgic for the cold war. In fact, all they want in their lives is more and more bloodshed we can’t pay for. They want no pensions and no social safety net. And in general they hate women and are racist turds to boot. These are the people who accept the fact the GOP congress took an oath to protect and defend the constitution and another oath obfuscating the former to an evil lobbyist named Grover Norquist. These people want no unions and so much oil that it will squirt out of every orifice in their bodies. To these small minded hateful people, more and more deadly storms are not the result of climate change but the result of our sins against an invisible nonexistent angry deity. Who needs Muslim religious extremists and their Sharia law when we have our own Taliban?
I would like to say that if Romney wins, all of these fools will get what they deserve, but then the rest of us will be punished along with them. After reading George Orwell’s “1984” more than fifty times, I have learned to recognize totalitarian crap when I see it. Too bad, there are many out there in the great wasteland that simply don’t get it.
I will go to the polls tomorrow to vote for the future of our country and not for its past. I will vote for Barack Hussein Obama. And if a Romney manages to win because of Citizens United and voter suppression, I will NEVER accept him as president, and will do EVERYTHING IN MY POWER to undermine his entire fascist agenda. I swear this on my life. You right wing morons think that you have a monopoly on hating a president. Just wait until you get a taste of MY hatred.
If I sound scared, angry, or insane it is because I have been staring too long into the abyss of hate, fear, war, greed, totalitarianism, and death all brought to us courtesy of a party whose primary goal is to sell our country to the highest bidder.
There is less than 24 hours to forward or backward. Which we choose will determine this country’s vital future, its life or its death.
In the end, it is up to us. I hope that we are smarter than Romney, Ryan, the tea baggers, and the GOP think that we are.
September to November 2012

Richard Burton's Last Role as O'Brien of the Inner Party in "1984"





Philosopher said...

Thank you for explaining the meaning behind "Double Think."
I wish that I had a teacher like you, when I was in high school.
Thank our lucky karma that the Republican Taliban, lost in the elections.
Please keep writing your blogs, when you feel inclined to do so.

Gary Perl said...

Thanks for reading!!!! I am very glad for the outcome...