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12 May 2017

Ammendment 25

He admitted firing James Comey because the latter would not drop the FBI investigation into the Trump and Putin connection. He bought himself a 60 inch TV for his Tax Payer white house digs so he could curse and scream at it and also come up with stupid ideas about ruining our country. He makes sure that he has a pie and two scoops of ice cream each night while he watches that TV. He allowed the Russian "press" into his offal office meeting with the two Russian gangsters and not our free press. He allowed a hostile foreign power that hacked and destroyed our free election into his private area where they could snoop and laugh. He believes that he is above the law and above our precious constitution. This is the administration of the traitor and birther bastard TrumPutin, and he must be taken out of office either through an amendment 25 constitutional law or through outright impeachment, since he has already admitted with his firing of James Comey that he, his administration, and his GOP intend to cover up their crimes and block any investigation that would dare expose them. Before we lose our country to dictators, we need a blue ribbon independent select committee with an independent prosecutor to find out what happened. Anything short of this is a sham because this GOP would make Abe Lincoln turn over in his grave.

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