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15 May 2017

GOP Offal Office Behavior Via the NYT Mother's Day Edition

Remember when the last real president was in office, President Obama, put his feet up on the desk? I believe he was wearing shirt sleeves as well. Do you remember the ruckus the GOHyocritialParty raised with this, and now that we have the result of the Kremlinian Candidate infesting our free republic, the GOHyocritialParty says and does nothing but deny?

     Once we loudly and abundantly defecate the Trump fiend out of office, we will restore our republic. But as long as the Trump Tumor occupies our Oval office, this GOP will continue to exercise its double standard until they get the blood from the middle and working class and the destitute that they need to feed their own foul cursed anuses to the death of America.

     Remember that these are the fiends that want to inject their religion into our lives. These are the fiends who want to rape the planet for profit. These are the fiends who want to control a Woman's body. These are the fiends that want to privatize our entire lives. These are the fiends who want to dump millions from health care. For that matter, these are the f--king fiends who want to destroy health care period!!

     Read last Sunday's New York Times top editorial about GOP political hypocrisy and outright criminality in how they continence the gross thuggish behavior of their titular leader IN AND OUT OF THE OVAL OFFICE. RESIST AND IMPEACH!!!! DOWN WITH BIG TRUMP BROTHER!!!! DOWN WITH BIG TRUMP BROTHER!!!! 

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