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31 May 2017

Kathy Griffin and Resisting Defining Deviancy Down

We are living in an age of Terror, Murder, and TrumPutin GOP Treason. These are not normal times, and we do not have a normal president. Instead, an enemy now occupies our government, a fiend who behaves like a thug. I refuse to normalize the Trump Traitor birther. I refuse to define deviancy down. We have a savage and a plague in our white house, and this kind of threat deserves a savage legal response!! If Trump and his GOPutin traitors can't take the American jokes from our best humorists, if they can't take it, no matter how tough and biting, then they should stop trying to dish it out and simply get out of our lives and shut the f--- up!!! Ms Gifford should have never apologized for her stunt because Trump never apologized for his!!!

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