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04 June 2017

Bill Maher and the "N" Word

So the New York Daily Screws wants Bill Maher fired for his unfortunate use of the "N" word? Sorry Screws but you are the one who supported the birther bastard's supreme court choice thus allowing the GOP to steal that seat. You publish the lowest brow kind of smear journalism which has always been, to me, a gross insult against the 4th estate, and now in this era when we are under attack by an enemy in the white house, this rag is calling to silence another liberal voice? I am a proud atheist too!! I am a believer in free expression and even hate speech, but Maher's use of the "N" word, while repugnant, was not motivated by racist white hatred. FIRE TRAITOR TRUMP BIRTHER AND HIS GREED ONLY PARTY BEFORE YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT TOUCHING BILL MAHER AND OTHER ARTISTS!!!!

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