08 June 2017

Comey Speaks Truth, and the GOP Obsess ...

Make sure you read FBI Director Comey's opening statement that was published on line. Be aware that he has warned us of ongoing Putin threats to our future elections while acknowledging Putin interference in our crucial 2016 elections to make public opinion favor Traitor Trump. Be aware that if our president now was a Democrat, we would be beyond a tainted justice department special council. In fact, we still need a select independent special committee with an independent prosecutor if we really want to get to bottom of what Traitor Trump knew and why he trying to obstruct justice. Perhaps Traitor Trump's tax returns will give us some truth. In any event, Traitor Trump stepped in way over his head when he decided to use his position to destroy our democratic republic. And Comey is showing more and more why he was so respected among his colleagues.

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