09 June 2017

Understanding the Trump Mentality in US History

Our nation did not start out being democratic. This has been a long battle for us. After all, the USA was one if not the only first nation that aspired to calling itself a democracy. In our times, we still have a plutocratic constitutional democratic 2 party republic. We'd be much further along in our experiment if it wasn't for the Trumpists in our midst throughout our history. Call it the age of slavery or call it the gilded age. Call it the age of the total rule of men over women or call it again, as in the gilded period, the age of oligarchic rule in the making, the Trumps of all our history has been dedicated to undermining our nation as they are doing now. Be aware that no matter what, there will always be a large minority in our country that will always support a frothing at the mouth and bloody dictator.

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