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16 July 2017

The Game of Death Throes Rip Off

Only six or eight episodes of Game of Thrones followed by a final season of just six or eight episodes?! Are they f---- kidding? Why couldn't they combine the last two seasons of this show into one? Oh, I know why. So we collectors could spend more money on an extra set instead of less. Please use your head and don't allow any of the rich, even the creeps in Hollywood, to treat you like an idiot and rip you off. Guess what? The new season of GOT is on right now as I write these words. Frankly I am happy with how the show ended last season, and I really have no need to watch the rest, especially if they plan on killing one of the dragons, and especially if they want to hang me upside down and shake the money out of my dumb ass.

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