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18 July 2017

Dedicated to This Day of Protest and Resistance to Save the USA

I never thought that I would actually live to see the day when the USA is cyber attacked by a foreign power who helps to place in our oval office an operative and a puppet for their form of government. I don't want Putin here! I don't want ANY authoritarian dictator in charge of our country! This is why I am thankful, NOT for the crippled Democratic Party, afraid to be liberal. I am thankful to all of the folks taking to the streets and protesting this assault on our way of life. I dedicate this Doo Rag Wisdom broadcast and this Memos From the Asylum blog to the hundreds and thousands of protesters and resisters who are stopping the TrumPutin birther agenda, stopping the GOPutin from decimating our constitution and from murdering millions through lack of healthcare. Keep it up until the Creepident Trump and his cursed party are purged from our brief lives. SAVE OUR COUNTRY!!! SAVE THE USA!!

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