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19 July 2017

WOLVERINES!! WOLVERINES!!! --- Red Dawn, original movie

Remember that John Milius' action/drama/ apocalyptic/ thriller from 1984 starring Patrick Swayze, Charlie Sheen, Lea Thompson, Jennifer Grey, C. Thomas Howell, Powers Boothe, Harry Dean Stanton, William Smith, and Ben Johnson among others called "Red Dawn"?  Remember how the kids all went into the mountains and formed a guerilla band named after their High School's football team called the WOLVERINES? We need today, in addition to our resistance, a WOVERINES of politics who are going to go in and kick the fascist ass out of our democratic government, a WOLVERINES of the free Press who are going to sniff out any nefarious plan that the TrumPutin oligarch/ fascists want to hide, and finally we need the WOLVERINES of the streets who will legally yet strongly do the civil disobedience, the passive resistance, the sit-ins, the teach-ins that will get the press, and that, in the end, will bring a public and humiliating defeat to those who would undo our democratic republic. I hope that we as a nation will never stoop to violent protest nor out right civil war, but last night on MSNBC, they ran, as usual, their annoying news strip, this time with the tidbit that several thousand residents of a certain state, Wisconsin, methinks (please let me know if I am wrong here) have decided to pull their voting data out of fear of what the Creepident TrumPutin and his administration are going to do with it. Am I alone nuts, or is voter suppression going full steam now to prepare us for the arrival of Putin? So when I mention the possibility of a civil war, one with violence and death, I can't get the unease out of my being with the thought of the action we all must take if this Creepident TrumPutin Birther bastard and his pernicious party decide to cancel our elections or, even worse, decide to take away our guns. Right wing idiots voted in the TrumpTOON, and now they stand to lose even more than they ever imagined. Not if we WOLVERINES do all kinds of mischief, political theater, creative non violent protests of all kinds. Thank you John Milius and your "Red Dawn". I never expected the WTC. And I finally learned that we have not guarded our cyberspace nor have taken it seriously as a means of horrific attack. What would happen if someone got ahold of the keys that can launch our weapons? The age of the computer is wonderful, but we must always be able to have a Manual Override. In any event, the right wing totalitarian fascist government of Russia knows its cyberspace well and ours even better. REPEAL, REPLACE, RESIST, AND IMPEACH CREEPIDENT TRUMP, RUSSIA OLIGARCH PUPPET-IN-CHIEF!!!

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